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December 31, 2008

I have some really bad news

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New Years Eve!
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wendi Yes, it is really bad news…

No matter how hard to try to keep your new years resolutions, the odds are against you.

I am sitting in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The island of Caicos, on Grace Bay with white powdery beaches and turquoise waters. It is a beautiful and peaceful and brings the New Year to me in a special way.
But for some of you the New Year is filled with dread.
And for those who have already used my programs to stop drinking, smoking, lose weight… you are all feeling the peace of knowing that you will breeze through, ready for even more Big Change!

I am convinced that the efforts that MOST people make to keep your resolution are going to fail. But you already know that.You’ve done this before.

This video from New Years day in New York on Fox National News explains it.

Watch the entire FOX video as I explain.

Watch the Resolution Video with more ciips of TV  with Wendi

I am so addicted, help me…

That is what people say when they write to me. And this time of year I get a lot of email with people begging for help. And they often feel so helpless because they have failed so many times in the past.

In and out of drug and alcohol rehab… never able to get a grip on quitting drinking-
Smoking and quitting a hundred times… they say the  cravings never quit.
Spending time and money on the internet, addiction to P0rn and unable stop.
Binging on food, feeding a hungry soul… addicted to eating.

If you could see how many people share the same fears, and how they all feel so helpless to make it stop, you might feel that there HAS to be a more powerful solution.

Do you hide an addiction?
Are you scared to try again because you just don’t want to fail?

I know that since new years is coming, you are probably facing some tough decisions.

Weight loss is the #1 resolution.

Drinking and Smoking are next in line.
And the internet… don’t get me started. Did you know that a survey of marriage counselors showed that P0rn addiction is the cause of 50% of divorces now?

She almost gave up-

Lori called my office and left a long hearfelt voice mail. I have to tell you, these things bring tears to my eyes.
She finally figured out how to lose over 100 pounds!
126 pounds so far! She says she has 100 more to go. My Zen of Thin program did it for her. She consistently dropped weight every day.

The trucker emailed me, said he smoked 4 packs a day.
(wow, can that really be done?)
Even though he was convinced it could NOT work, he listened to the CDs. It usually takes 3-5 days on my program to stop completely, but overnight he just stopped. Said he didn’t even have to make a decision.
The decision was made for him, where it really counts- In his subconscious mind.
And… without a struggle he stopped his 4 pack a day habit overnight.

Lori Wrote to me and said:


I used “Appetite Zapper”. I just put on my headphones while meditating, listened and went to sleep. I used it for maybe 2 weeks.

Well, the Dr. weighed me the next month and I had lost about 8 or 10 pounds! He asked how. I said I tried listening to this cd, and I seemed to want to eat smaller portions and wanted to work out a bit.

I never looked back. It’s TRUE! Wendi is the best hypnotist I have ever used!! I’m looking forward to getting down to at least 150 pounds or perhaps i’ll get nuts and go down to 110!

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done Wendi!! GOD Bless You!

Why do so many people have such BIG CHANGES with hypnosis?

Why do they fail when trying willpower, determination, or white knuckling?

You must watch this so you can understand how to make your resolutions stick.

And until MIDNIGHT on JANUARY 1, 2009, you get 60% OFF every addiction CD program I have —-> Check them out on the right.

Quit Drinking, Stop Struggling!

As you know, I have not discounted my Alcohol Freedom program and I probably won’t discount it again.

But today, I want to help as many people as I can.
If you know someone who needs help, buy this FOR THEM now.

When you give it to them, it will be like giving them oxygen. They will breathe life into their hopeless soul. BE THE ONE to save someone, and give them the gift of Freedom.

I Love you!


Resolution Solution!

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at Midnight.
Wow, really?
Yes, really.
One day, starting now.


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  1. If you are really looking for help or anyone else who reads this,

    Here is another resource that can make it easier to find the appropriate addiction treatment and center that is best suited for the individual and/or the family’s needs better, with their expertise and knowledge.

    Comment by KenS — January 9, 2009 @ 8:05 am | Reply

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