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December 12, 2008

HoHoHo,holiday happiness

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The big Christmas and Holiday 2 for 1. It is intense, come and get it!


How I made 100s of people stop smoking in one day-


I know you are wondering where I’ve been and I thank you all for inquiring.

I am still doing my daily Wendi.TV shows on Monday- Thursday and I love connecting with you all there.

12 Hour Marathon Show was insanely fun!

Did you see my 12 hour Marathon Stop Smoking show? If you are still smoking and you have not taken the plunge,
how about quitting before January and instead of stressing about New Years Day, you flow smoothly into the
New Year with nothing but goodness on your mind! Watch the recordings of the Marathon Show in 1 hour segments.
I recorded it all just for you!

Talking for 12 hours was a little intense, but it was a great challenge just to see if I could do it.
Some people stayed for the entire show and those who were there to stop smoking learned a lot.
Most of it was successfully recorded.

I was ready to wimp out in the last hour and call it off at hour 11, but then Andrew –
very young hypnotist and NLPer came in and I was fascinated at how young and smart he was.
I think I freaked him out a little by asking him to do a double induction with me on the spot
but he handled it well. You can see that segment on the site and let me know what you think.
Did he look nervous? I think he is a super star!

I went all the way!
At the end of 12 hours I was a little pooped, but I made it. Took 3 breaks to pee and that was it!
Try it some time, you might like it. You can do your own show on Stickam or Ustream and
expose your work to lots of new people. It’s free and easy and a great way to share your
knowledge in whatever business you are in.

What did I do for 12 hours in the marathon? The segments teach you how your brain works,
the truth about addiction to cigarettes, how you can stop cravings and just about everything
that you need to make your commitment stick. I did hypnosis sessions that made hundreds
of people realize that they don’t need to struggle with cravings and fear when ready to kick it.
Much of the content is about more than smoking. If you are therapist and you need to learn
how to handle addictions or how to explain the power of hypnosis for addictions, you will love this.

In the archives, find the ones that start with Stop Smoking and breathe like a champ.
Stop Smoking Shows are here.

Ready to quit? Get the CD set to listen to every day- Right here!

Christmas Gifts that will Last Forever

The annual sale is here and it is time to give a gift that will change someone’s life.

First- check out the PERFECT GIFT list that will give you ideas for your friends, family, lovers and kids.

2 For 1 on everything on the list!
Get one for YOUR loved one and keep ONE for yourself. How perfect is that?


Hohoho sale!
Buy anything in the entire GIFT LIST, get a 2nd one thrown in.
Keep one for yourself, give one to a friend. Any CD, DVD, book or program on the list.

It’s good to give and good to keep.
Yes, you can still get that last minute
Christmas or Holiday goodness.
If you know a hypno junkie and you
are ready to stuff their stocking it is time
for the procrastinators special.
Order anything in the Wendi Gift Guide.
Put in this coupon code–> 2for1

Yes, that’s right, one for your friend and one for you.

You will get 2 sets of exactly the same program.
No substitutions, no changes, no exceptions.
No other coupons allowed.
ONLY items on the page will be 2 for 1.

See the list here
Use coupon on checkout~ 2for1

My Favorites?

(these are just like a big hug and kiss for your friends)
Hypno Mojo DVD
Sweet Surrender CD
TimeLine Journey
Yes, yes, yessss


SUPER Clearance PACKS- A few CDs that I gotta clear out.
They are in paper sleeves, and make great stocking stuffers.

Only 10 sets of these– $150 value, for the insane price $39 for the 5 pack.
Get Yours Now NO COUPONS, no 2 for 1

Stress Release
Remote Seduction
Workout Compulsion
Heal Your Body (original version)
Ultimate Orgasm

Only 50 sets of these– $126 value, all 4 for the crazy price of $29
Get Yours now NO COUPONS, no 2 for 1

Heal Your Body (original version)
Remote Seduction
Workout Compulsion
Ultimate Orgasm


And the final WOW pack!
7 DVDs, a $612 value
Only $97

Only 80 of these packs available.
You can see them all here Wendi.com/video
but only order from this link. Yes, I want to Order this package.

Get 7 DVDs in this set:

How to Hypnotize Anynone- 2 hours $49

Hypno Mojo Mega- 2 hours of sensual hypnosis $99

How to hypno anyone seminar- 12 hours $249

How to spot a liar- 1 hour $39

Self hypnosis 1 The mastery training- 2 hours $49

Self hypnosis 2 The power within- 2 hours $49

Stage hypnosis shows- Funny stuff! $29

I know your friends and family will get a lot of value and fun
with hypnotic Holiday gifts. Something different and stimulating!
Stay tuned, more hot holiday goodies coming your way this week!

See you on twitter.com/wenditv and ON my LIVE show at Wendi.tv

With love to you and your family!


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