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October 25, 2008

PC World scolds Wendi

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Grrrrr, I am in a PC World and I don’t even know what they are saying. Help?Wendi.com news
The Cat, PC World magazine, the Tweeting, the Placebo Secret, Friday Funnies and more.

So, got a new kitten. Day 3 and she welcomed herself by tossing her cookies on the carpet just now. Thanks for that.
(I am not yet a crazy cat lady, gotta have 3 cats to qualify. I have 2)

I sailed over and spent several days on Catalina Island at Buccaneer days. Bruce Muzik joined us on Friday, arrived in my Dingy after 2 hours of flying over the waves at 30 MPH. He said he wanted an adventure. Dolphins like crazy, he says, jumping all around him. We had dozens of dolphins that raced our sailboat. Wow.
bruce pirate
Me and my pirates!
pirate rilely
Bruce Muzik and Riley, my son

A weekend of pirates, wenches and rum, water and boats. What fun! If you want to join me next year, I am ready fer yee. Arrrr.
I fell in the harbor with my iPhone and camera in my pockets. Bummer. Putting it in a bag of rice for 2 days did NOT help.
Sailing, sailing…

A BIg TV show in the UK wants to use my Hypnotize The Bunny video on their show. Who knew that hypnotizing a bunny could make you famous.
Sad News- the bunny expired. One day he was just a lad hopping into our office as if destiny brought him to us.
John fell in love with the little guy.
See the bunny video here

I exploited him fully.
He was a frequent star on the Wendi.TV show… Named him Poopsy.
I ate some raisins on the show, which freaked out my viewers. (told ’em it was a gift from Poopsy)

PC WORLD Magazine
Today- Two people tell me I am in PC WORLD magazine this month. I don’t know what they are saying about me, but I hear I am on their top 10 list or something. 😉

I have a knack for getting publicity, and it is fun when it surprises you, sort of.
[update, the article is scanned, thank you Peter! See it below]

However, even though I don’t know what the article is about, I am pretty sure it is not the top 10 things you SHOULD do on twitter. I heard that I am on their top 10 things you should not use twitter for.

Well, geez, if ya can’t hypnotize the masses to take control of the world through twitter, what good is it? I mean really… the power of hypnosis, combined with the addictive quality of twitter and a hypnotist who just wants to have fun… I think we have a party.

And speaking of playing with your brain via twitter- I say PARTY ON.
By sheer  coincidence, today I launch the official HypnoTwitter where I intend to make you go and listen to a 2 minute hypno session and feel good, smarter, more confident and powerful. Ooooh, yes, my plan is working.

Every day you get a new session. Two Minutes. Me, Your Brain, and a Quickie. Yesterday I hit my 1000 followers mark, so we had the big Give Away to all who were paying attention. Yea!

Get Hypnotwitter Session 1
Get Hypnotwitter Session 2

Follow me now and get daily (on my good days) 2 minute Trance sessions. A blast for your brain.


(I made today’s session while in bed)
(Just be careful of the secret suggestions that tell you to go to the bank and take out all your money. Oh, wait, the entire country has already done that. No thanks to me, however)

Stressed, Scared, Worried?
Our economy is in the toilet. Sad, scary and dangerous for your health. The word is that insomnia, teeth grinding, back pain, headaches, and other stress related problems are on the rise.
On my Wendi.TV show, my viewers are always asking for help with the stress of the economy and the need to detach from the news and fear.

How can I help?
There are 3 hypnosis programs that I love for de-stressing and creating  a sense of security in the midst of chaos.

Sweet Surrender. This will totally change your attitude in a few minutes. The lift you get from this is spectacular.
Learn More

Chill Out. Resistance is futile, right? Instead of supressing your anger, release the underlying cause and create a wise and detached attitude about things that bug you.
Learn More

Power Nap. It is exhausting to be bombarded by the bad news and you might find it hard to shift out of it. This will teach your brain to shut down and recharge, but even better, you will program your thoughts to emerge after the power nap feeling renewed. This is a serious life saver.
Learn More

Buy any of these and you get Bulletproof CD for free. Bulletproof is to make you powerful in the face of intimidation. You will be strong and sturdy even when people around you are falling apart.
BulletProof is that amazing.
(order anything this weekend and get Bulletproof CD for no charge. Anything!)

Have a child who is bullied? BulletProof is the cure! Trust me. Your child will thank you.

Those Doctors! Bein all sneaky and stuff…
50% of Doctors admit to giving their patients placebos and telling them it is a real prescription for what ails them. How amazing is that?

Placebo is powerful, but I think I would feel quite betrayed if the Doc prescribed something and represented it as something else. AND I had to pay for it? Jeeez louise.
Read the Article

Have a beautiful weekend. Remember to keep your chin up!
Sell, sell, sell!
Oh wait.
Buy, buy, buy!
No, sell, sell.
Ooooh, it’s all too much… help is here!

Remember, order anything this weekend and get BulletProof as my gift.

And it will be added as a gift with anything you order!

Friday Funnies?

Is it funny?
Will you send me YOUR jokes for next week? Only send raunchy, hilarious, nutty, or wildly insanely funny jokes. I might just use them.
And now… the Funnies!
friday funnies

Watch it now. You decide. Funny, or not?

The PC World Magazine article. Ha, now I can say I made it. Don’t tell em I use a Mac!

PC WORD article
See why they think Wendi should not be Hypnotizing People with Twitter. Geeeeez.
View the article

Thanks to Josh for going to the newstand and taking a pic for me.

Love you all!


Brains Crave it
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Why Twitter Wendi?
Wendi kiss
Twitter is a way to receive tiny, instant updates and ideas.
I am doing hypno-twitter sessions every day. Every Day you get a 3 minute power session, from my twitter feed.

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Next Twitter prize is at 1500 followers!
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Next get twhirl to feed you the updates.

Get your friends involved. It is SIMPLE and slightly addictive. And it is a great business resource. I have learned things I would never have discovered on my own. Twitter will accelerate your success or just give you a laugh every day.


Order anything and get the Bulletproof CD as a gift.
Just use coupon code TEFLON when you check out!

Get it by ………


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  2. Nice blog!

    Here’s a funny for you…

    What do you call a donkey with a bad leg?


    Comment by Iain Ainsworth — October 27, 2008 @ 2:19 am | Reply

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