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September 10, 2008

My hypno hawaiian healing miracle

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Love, love, love… you got it in the new Hypno’oponopono
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Ho’oponopono, the hawaiian healing miracle.
Joe Vitale introduced us to the Hawaiian healing ritual that creates miraculous shifts in our awareness and has produced unexplainable healing. While I was in Hawaii with my retreat group we had a day of my new Hypno’oponopono which uses the same phrases while in trance, and applies these phrases to events, people and experiences.

We will send it to you and give you a download today

Don’t take this trance session lightly. If you were in Hawaii with me and experienced the true power of these phrases you know what I am talking about.
If you have not yet experienced it with me, think about this.

What if you listen to this and it actually does heal your emotional wounds?
How would you feel if suddenly a weight is lifted and you come out of your depression?
If you are struggling with physical pain or illness, would you be open to accepting a miraculous healing as a result of the power of these three phrases as they are applied to your past, present and future?

I don’t know why, but these phrases do have power.
This morning I sat down to record this and I was moved. It was probably the most profound session I have recorded.

When I did the Hypno’oponopono on my live show last week there were 200 people with tears streaming down their face.
Because sometimes we just don’t know how to let go, forgive, acknowledge or express the meaning of “I Love You”.

Order this today, and I will send you 2 CDs, so you can give one to a friend.
Also, order it today and I will personally send you the instant download link so you can have it now, and have the CDs in a few days.

Please take a moment to experience something that might just change you forever.
Yes, I want to experience this now.
==> Remember, you get 2 CDs with this order, one for you and one for a friend.
==>DOWNLOAD it as well, you get an email with a link to access it right now if you order today.

Yup, I agree, this next one might be a great discovery…

Hypnotic Facelift- Whoa, only $7 ?

Some people say it works. We did it on the show at http://www.Wendi.TV with some interesting results.
SEE BELOW to order.


Miracles Weekend, San Diego, Ca.
with Joe Vitale and Me.

San Diego, September Wow, amazing bonuses, including free ticket to Unseminar6 in Las Vegas!
More miracles will be performed at the Miracles Weekend with Joe Vitale this month in San Diego. I can’t wait to see you. If you have not yet read about this, you might want to now. I am speaking and hypnotizing…and bringing my djembe drums (all 50 of them) so we can drum on the beach at night. Details here- http://www.miraclesweekend.com

What I love


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Learn hypnosis, experience trance, feel better, make friends and love yourself a little more.
Thank you all for your emails and for coming to my show! I will be live on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week.
www.Wendi.TV Join me! It’s live hypno fun 4 days a week.

And Remember!
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Let’s play with your brain- A hypnotic Facelift!

We already know that hypnosis can grow muscle, increase strength, affect cells as they regenerate. On the Wendi.tv show my peeps asked for a hypnosis facelift. I say hey that’s crazy. But I did the trance session live and it seemed to make their faces seem tighter or younger. One of them got compliments on her skin the next day.

Do you want to try it out?
All you have to do is agree to take a before and after picture of your face.
1- Just take the photo with a standard expression in the most neutral state possible.
2- Listen to the session while experiencing it fully in trance.

3- When you come out of trance take another picture in the same light. You can use your webcam or whatever is easiest.

ONLY $7 for the Hypnotic Facelift session,
but you have to promise to send the before and after photo and it has to be taken in the same position and same light.

Buy it today.
You will get it instantly!
Take pictures.
Email them to me by replying here.
Next week I will be posting the pics on the site!
Fun, yes? Yes.

Get yours here.

DO NOT pay $29.90! If you promise to take your before and after photo and you get this by FRIDAY you know it is only $7 !

Your Brain in the News!

Teen Brain Might Get Hooked Easier on OxyContin

Read the article.
This is scary.
You know we already have a horrible drug problem in our country, and our teenagers are doing prescription drugs and becoming addicts at an early age.

Oxy is a powerful pain killer and a recreational drug that kids love. They crush it, snort it and it is an opiate- no different than heroin.
Read the research.

Let me know what you think of the Hypno’ oponopono please. Respond to this email with your thoughts about how it affected you.

Remember, you get a download link now and 2 CDs in the mail.

I love you,


Brains Crave it
Hypno’ oponopono
Hypnotic Facelift Cheap


Yes indeed.
Sweet Dreams CD set.
Save $30 now. See it, it really is amazing. As you fall asleep you listen and all your thoughts are transformed and your food issues dissolve.

sweet dreams CD set
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