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August 16, 2008

Tragedy and scandal

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John Edwards video is dissected.

You get a free lesson on how to spot a liar. Our poster child this week is John Edwards.
There has never been a better example and training video before today.
His tragic “Spot A Liar” mistakes analyzed and exposed by Wendi. You are going to love this, I think.

8-8-08 8:08 winners announced! our finalists and the big winner!
Body Mastery- Extreme Health is ready online today. I will extend the pre-order price for you!
Think Thin will be in the News! The new Think Yourself Thin, 7 day challenge will be in the news.
I’ve had some reporters who are loving it. Will you love it as much as my members?
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Pnosis rocks again Winning again!

Tragedy strikes for Edwards. Your gain.
An in-depth training on how to spot a liar, the body language, voice cues, facial expressions…
just a banquet to feast your brain on. I think that every possible Spot A Liar leak is demonstrated by him.
At least Bill Clinton had the good sense to hire Tony Robbins to coach him on how to NOT expose himself. (haha)
The rumor is that Tony helped him to NOT let the classic lying signs show. They still show if you know what to look for.
You can become an expert at this, ya know?But John… john, john, john… (shaking my head) you are a wealth of training material.
And here is the video, along with exact time codes and lessons on specifically what to look for.
Is the baby his? I will tell you. Watch the video here

Even if you don’t care a lick about his affair, the Spot a Liar skill is essential training that
you need now.
Get the DVD, How To Spot a Liar. Never be fooled again.

Spot a Liar DVD Half off right here.~~~~~
8-8-08 8:08 winners!

I got all soft on this one and included those of you who got time stamped at 8:09. I just can’t help it. I love you too much.
And one of our 8:08 winners now gets the $100 cash, due to this creative use of comments on the order.

Wooohooo to Shelly Fergin, here is her prose.
Order Comments: At eight oh eight on eight, eight, oh eight… I pondered tomorrow’s exciting date with my mate:

It’s my 25th Reunion and I cannot wait to see old friends with whom, I did graduate. It’ll be fun talking with them and hearing their updates I’m sure the stories I’ll hear will really be great. I look forward to sharing what I’m working to create Will miss those friends that live out of state. I sure do wish I had lost more weight but sure that others can also relate. It’s fun to see who’s gay and who’s straight. I know there will be drinking so I’d better hydrate. 🙂 Wendi -Happy 8/8/08 I want to tell you again that you are GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!~~~~~~

Think Thin 7 day challenge is still making news. See it soon in major magazines, the reporters love its simplicity and how it totally changes your brain’s response to food. I think that the most powerful thing is the people who have not been able to lose weight by dieting lose 5-12 pounds in the first week. Proof again, that ya gotta stop the diet and get your brain in the game.
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Honesty- what does that have to do with healing?
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Working with clients in person has shown me that the hidden issues that we carry are responsible for most of our health problems.A physical symptom did not start with the physical problem.

Before the condition arose there were other issues that suppressed the immune system, or caused the immune system to be overactive, or triggered migraines or back pain or IBS or Chrons.

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