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July 30, 2008

The earth rocked, and other news.

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I was all shook up-  Did you hear me scream? Live Show rocked! Literally.

The Earthquake Edition. Right from the hypnotic Epicenter of Wendi’s world.

Live show today- Noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern.
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Live show today- Persuasion
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Who’s at fault when things go bad in your business? Tune in today, let’s talk.

(OK enough earthquake jokes, read below for Wendi’s account)

Body Mastery Hypnosis- all new, pre-sale pricing. This sensational method will rock your body and mind.

Just as I was getting ready for the show yesterday, and was streaming live and catching up with the early arrivals in the chat room, I snuck away from the computer to go put on some lipstick.

The huge jolt felt like something hit my house but it was obvious nothing that big exists. Then seeing the walls moving- not just a shake or vibration, but the walls moving back and forth, got me thinking.
Hmmm, I said to myself. Odd. (that part lasted for about 1 second)
Next jolt caused me to let out a long scream, running out of my bedroom and past the video camera that all my viewers were watching. Some of you got to enjoy the quake live with me screaming like a baby.
I went downstairs to get my son out of the house. I know, I know- doorways! However, since he is on the first floor I just couldn’t resist getting him out of the house before everything collapsed.

20 seconds, no collapse. It is just weird though, you have so little time to make sense of what is happening and even less time to make a decision that could save your life. My brain took about 2-3 seconds to figure out what is happening. Then I said “big one?” as I feel another hard jolt, a sense of terror set in for me that said “what if” and that is about where the long scream entered into the scene.

There is a guy who has an 80% accuracy rate on predicting quakes and he predicted this one, but also says that we have a 3 day window of potential right now. Super high tide, moon proximity, etc.
We will see.

I also want to tempt you to PRE-ORDER the new BODY MASTERY program this week.

Also, I am looking for a few good minds. See below.


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