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July 11, 2008

Scratch This

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Scratch and Dent sale with Blowout?  The perfect storm of hypno deals. logo
Well, well, well.
Time again for the Sale that makes a lot of people mad.
Yup, people really get mad. The quantity is limited, if they are gone, they are gone. And you can’t apply it to a previous purchase, and there are no returns or refunds on these.
Crazy prices… enjoy.

I am faced with some tough decisions. My CD inventory is out of control. My manager and fulfillment center are having convulsions on managing over 300 programs.
So I said, let’s clean house.

Those excess CDs that are sitting on spindles- they are OUTTA HERE
The DVDs of Big O that are surplus- they are OUTTA HERE
The ones with old artwork and designs, DOWN THE ROAD.

There is a change a comin.

My new member program is in the works and when it is ready, you will have the chance to join and have access to hundreds of hypnosis programs, online daily challenges, 100s of scripts and new experimental programs- all for just a small member price.

BUT (and it is a big but), I need to discontinue forever many CDs that have been in the flock for years.
There are some great ones.
The deals are beyond comprehension.
And quantities are limited, because I will not be offering these for sale again.

Discontinued CDs.
Scratch and Dent.
Bare Naked CDs. (no covers, in paper sleeve only)

This first list:
Discontinued CDs!
Completely gone for good after this!

Addiction Freedom – 33 in stock. was 29, only $7

Big Flirt – 34 in stock. was 29, only $12
The Blast VIDEO CD – 6 in stock. was 49, only $14
Body Mastery – 12 in stock, was 99, only 19
Bowling Hypnosis – 4 in stock, was 29, only $9
Clear Plastic Bag – 41 in stock, was 29, only $9
Commitment – 86 in stock, was 29, only $5
Ultimate Confidence 2 CDs 54 left, was 49, only $15
Conscious Creation – 20 in stock, was 29, only $9
Creative Genius – 33 in stock, was 29, only $9
Day Dreamer – 87 in stock, was 29, only $7
Depression Buster – 11 in stock, was 29, only $5
Hair Growth Hypnosis – 11 left, was 49, wow $14
Heal Your Body – 84 left, will go fast, was 29, now $9
Hypnotize Your Lover Book – 51 left, yup they’re going, going, gone. The book you need, only $8
Irresistable You Hypnotize Your Lover CD – 18 juicy hypnotic erotic CDs left, was 29, only $9
Intuition 2 CD Set – 22 left, was 49, only $15
Intuition 4 CD Set – 42 left, do not pay $99, now $24
Love of Your Life – 4 left. I love this. not $49, just $15
Memory Magic – 10 of em, just $7
Memory Magic 4CD Set – 12 of em, was $99,
only $19
Sleep Deep Hypnosis – 39 people will end insomnia. Not $49, now $19
Stop Snoring – 44 of you will stop. was $49, yours $15
Stay Hard – 93 left. (this is for PE) was $79,
now $19
Your Sexy Voice – 22 left. Hate to do this- was $49, only $5
Ultimate Org#sm – 94 will smile when you get it for $9, was 29.

This list: I packaged these together for a killer buy.

These are the Bare Naked CDs that have no case, just a little paper sleeve.
Pack o joy
You get 8 CDs, one hot and juicy DVD. This bundle will tickle your fancy.
$273 value, only 49

Remote Seduction     $39
Ultimate Orgasm         29
Workout Compulsion   29
Hypnotic Journey
Stop Smoking 2 CDs   49
(no booklet)
Peace Within              29
Addiction Freedom     29
DVD Big O !               69
Get them all for $49.

Tickle my Fancy
This bundle might make you smile
$137 Value, only $29

Remote Seduction
Ultimate Orgasm
Get these 3 for $20 now.

And now for something really crazy.
I have to clear out these, even though they are very popular, not discontinued, but they have to go.

Confidence Power Pack – Regular price $99, get several for gifts
only $29!
Holy cow
Get it, when it’s gone, it is gone.
Get 2 or 3 for a friend.

Big O: How to induce a Hypnotic Or/g*sm DVD – DVD Only, No Case, just the bare naked disc. Sells for $69 in the pretty package.
$15 for you today.

As of that is not enough, I have hundreds of the Workout Compulsion CDs.
Please add a couple of these for only $3. Now. wendiwow

No Coupons,
No other discounts,
No returns. (if the CD doesn’t play, we will replace it)


What is coming up?
More programs on the Pocket Therapist.
A gigantic Membership program that will give you the best and newest works of mine.
A powerful approach to using hypnosis every day to keep you sharp and on your game.

First I gotta clear some space, they are gone.
Get em now, give them as gifts, save them for the future.

I Love You,


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