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June 27, 2008


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A quick video explantion about this…

Will you watch this video, just so I can explain?
I am a little bit upset about this. And I don’t want you to have the wrong idea.

I had a show on Thursday that didn’t really go the way I had hoped. And many of you watched live, and you emailed to let me know your thoughts. (thank you)
I had Ross Jeffries on the show and it was not the usual show. And I don’t want you to get th wrong idea.

Watch the video here and let me explain.

Mad at the World?
Do you need to Chill out!
Have an anger problem? Would you like to not be so reactive to situations, people, co-workers or family? What if you could feel calm, even under pressure? Your life would be very different and your health would improve. Anger is one of the things that dramatically affects our health. Is it time for you to teach your brain to take a step back and NATURALLY detach from the situation.

You can totally change how you react, see the sessions
I have created here.

chill out
Six sessions, would be $140 if purchased seperately.
Only $59.90

Is bliss lacking in your life?
And how would it feel to be blissful now and then?
If you are stressed, you put yourself in danger, not only because you can’t enjoy life, but because your health is endangered. These are some of my favorite sessions  and the feeling you get will be indescribable!

This will change everything, read it.

$107 value
only $58.90


To Love and Be loved

This one really is too good to be true! $284 of love and lust CDs all packaged together for only 149.00. This will enhance your relationship, make you a beast of passion, and give you the hypnotic confidence to share it with your lover. This is an amazing offer, see what is on these CDs here.

Wow it’s a lot of stuff.
$284 value
only $149

Remember to watch the show on Monday through Thursday.
This week we will talk about creating more powerful intentions, taking action, following through and ending procrastination!
4 Live shows.
Hypnosis in every show. And a few laughs.
Watch the archives any time you are BORED and want to get things fired up. You will feel different afterwards. Not saying how different, just different.

58 show archived here.

14 shows archived here, including the Wealth Dynamics with Bruce Muzik and the recent Ross Jeffries show.

wendikissPlease, have an amazing weekend!


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  1. Wendi has never tried to “put you down” as you have her – this proves you are NOT a gentleman. Wendi was gracious and kind to you on her program and in the apology to her fans as well! You owe her an apology. Show the public you are a REAL man Jeff!

    Comment by seekerchic — July 4, 2008 @ 8:02 am | Reply

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