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June 12, 2008

Saturday event, FreeFlow

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Log in for the live webcast! Get on the FreeFlow Money Mind, Big event this Saturday,  on Ustream.tv
Feel the Flow!
Does your money life suck?
Are you sick of struggling?
Confused about how to get out of the rut?
Tired of  Manifesting and getting nothing?

Join me live on Saturday for a 2 hour event.
Register here

Live Show with Bruce Muzik, Wednesday, now on Ustream.tv!
Watch the show we did today, it is about The Flow and will show you how to get into it.

Get my How to Hypnotize Anyone, dvd at no cost.
Order over $50 and use this coupon and you get the DVD as a gift. (49.00 value)
Place order over $50 for anything!

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Flow, flow, flow your boat, gently down the stream-
I used to paddle upstream. No fun.
Come paddle downstream with me THIS Saturday.

Register now, right here.

It is time for Wendi, Bruce and YOU- on the webcast, live for 2 hours.
You up for it?

Watch the video Play it now

You know I have had some huge struggles with money in my past and to tell you the truth, I am willing to do anything to make sure I will continue to prosper.
But I get scared sometimes. I know that my success is a result of clearing out the fear of money and creating worthiness and having a great belief about deserving good things.

And I know that you have said these things to me in your emails, and on our live shows every day.

Everything keeps coming down to our feelings about money.

One thing I have learned over and over is that new issues will keep coming up that may create sabotage and more fear. Is that a negative belief, or is it a practical expectation that prepares me for reality?

If it is reality, yeah, that sucks.

But, the great news is that I know how to resolve the feelings. Should you expect things to come up and bite you? Or just hope for the best, or ignore the whole issue?

I will tell you something I learned in these last few years.
My feelings about success have the power to destroy me, or raise me up to a great and wonderful state of mind where I have the energy, excitement and power to continue to create.

Want some of this?

This Saturday I have a unique opportunity to bring Bruce Muzik to my web seminar in Newport Beach, California.

He showed me something that made everything click, about my past failures and struggles, and more importantly, about why I have been so succesful in the last few years.
THAT was the big one!
To find out why I have been succesful – that was a big eye opener.

If you have ever been in The Flow and you know what it is like to feel unstoppable, there is a good reason. But I am betting you don’t know what that reason really is.

Want to find out?

Join me, for two hours.
Saturday, June 14th online from
Newport beach, Ca

Experience the I Love Money training.
I WILL change your relationship with money.


Bruce Muzik will be there to give you the Wealth Dynamics training that will open your eyes to see why some people stay in The Flow and become extremely succesful, and how you can too!

After our day together on Saturday, you might choose a new profession. Or you might choose to focus on something that is in YOUR FLOW pattern within your current career.

No matter how you decide to proceed after Saturday, one thing will be certain- you defintely understand how to get out of the struggle.

Honestly, I can tell you that this is changing everything for me, in how I choose new OUTSTANDING team members, where I put 90% of my time and energy, and how I make decisions that will keep me in
The Flow rather than in The Struggle?

Want some of this?
Me too!

Where – Online at Ustream.tv
WendiTV is the show. (go to the live stream)
11 am- 1 pm pacific
2 pm eastern
7 pm UK time

You must register in advance at www.designer-life.com/freeflow , and show up on Saturday.
You will be introduced to Bruce’s eye opening teachings on Wealth Dynamics.

But wait, there’s more!
Prizes and a gift certificate and a new discovery about what really matters when getting into the flow.

Experience Bruce’s intensive information that will focus your quest for success on what you SHOULD be doing and exactly how you will guarantee that you will stay focused on your flow state.


My Experience at Train the Trainer 2
tt2I just experience 5 Loooong days at the TT2, from Peak Potentials.
What a blast! I learned so much about being excellent on stage and super learning techniques so that my participants can really absorb and remember what they experience.
I believe that anyone can become a better trainer by practicing. One of the elements that is really important is having confidence.
You remember that I have talked about how crazy it is that Speaking on stage is considered to be a fear worse than death. Crazy, but true.

The experience was phenomenal. If you get a chance to attend it will make you a powerful presenter and a stronger communicator. We learned some secret techniques as well. Can’t wait to unleash them on ya Saturday.

Need a boost of confidence so you do great things?
Watch this show I did on being bulletproof. It was really fun and we had some big changes in the participants.

Need a boost to be a great speaker? My newest Speaking Excellence is really more than you can expect. It will totally eliminate that fear. Seriously.
Get it now, because it will make you a powerful presenter!

Anger, Road rage, and you being so chill

If you have a problem with anger and you are ready to take your power back when confronted with frustrating situations,  this is your lucky day.
On Thursday, the live show was all about anger, and I created a way to make your brain respond with power. Power doesn’t have to mean aggression, intensity, or arguing your point. After this session, it will mean that you have strength that keeps you calm and insightful, ready to find the best solution.
End road rage? Absolutely.
Stop yelling? Instantly.
Respond with ease? It will be a natural state for you.

I have helped a lot of people with anger problems, and no matter how frustrated you get, with my help and some good intentions on your part, you can totally stop the intensity that you feel when you are faced with tough people, road rage and be effective and persuasive.
Watch the show archive.
Get CHILL OUT, the CD set that will stop the anger.
You will love me for it. 🙂


On Saturday, join the Scavenger Hunt during our webcast.
Win Prizes by collecting clues during the seminar and the
top 5 winners will get big prizes.
Log on for live video seminar here.

See you there!

And remember, I love you,


PS- Everyone who comes to the seminar will get a $30 GIFT CERTIFICATE to use toward anything!


Attend on Saturday.
Get a $30 gift certificate just for attending AND win prizes in the live scavenger hunt.


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