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May 24, 2008

What’s in Wendi’s mouth today?

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And what should you be putting in your mouth this week? I am so excited, I had to tell you today.
(Make sure you view images in this email if you want the answer to what’s in the old pie hole)


It’s Saturday, the sky is blue, the air is clear and it is a long weekend.
I just have to tell you about this today.

As you know, this last week I had 100 people do a test run of my new online program
Think Yourself Thin, the 7 day Challenge. (for those who were not able to get in as the first 100, today is your day!)

I want to show you what some of them are saying. And make you a special offer if you want to start on this Monday.

Every day, they watched a short video in the morning with the challenge.
Every night, they listened to a hypnosis session to embed the changes of the challenge.

Here are just a few of their comments. The results are stunning. I am so excited about their transformation and how simple it is for them… so proud of everyone. Sunday will be day 7 and they will take the survey. For now, here are a few of their emails to me.
I hope they will inspire you!

Scroll down for your special membership offer! Put some broccoli in your mouth this week!

Wow, I feel great and am eating so healthily (no chocolate!) to top it all I have lost 7lbs! Wendi you are great.  Annette


So many really significant changes going on with me this past week: eating smaller bites of food at a MUCH slower pace; immensely enjoying the flavors of each and every bite; feeling full much sooner, resulting in my eating less volume of food daily; changes in my cravings from sweets and empty carbohydrates to fresh fruit and vegetables, good protein foods, and lots of water with fresh lemon juice in it.

But above all, I now realize the awesome God-given power within my mind to make all these changes easily and permanently. With Wendi’s sharing of her talent & expertise, I am learning how to tap into this power, whenever needed, and make the changes that are good for me. My confidence and positive feelings about myself are the best gifts of all!
Can’t say thank you enough, Wendi!  Love you back!

I still had 30+ stubborn pounds to lose. The thing you did for me Wendi was to get me to appreciate my food SLOWLY. I have learned  ONE thing, it is the BIGGEST ONE THING EVER! It’s the key I needed for my weight loss success.

I love the feeling as I fall asleep at night that my body feels thinner then the night before, my stomach feels flatter and I have control to choose thin.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am soooo grateful.
Love, Ivy

The most significant change I’ve made this week is ‘trust in myself’. I have consistently made good food choices, exercised moderately, slept well and thoroughly enjoyed this journey. It hasn’t been very difficult at all and so I know that I can follow through. The usual fear of failure is not there. I have already lost the 3 pounds I wanted to (4 actually) and feel good about the coming weeks, months, years!

This program is a success!!  Thanks so much Wendi!

I lost 3lb yesterday!


I saw an avocado in my refrigerator and there was balsamic next to it.  I also really enjoyed eating a mixture of fresh cut veggies with a natural apple cider dip and garlic minced into it.  I actually am looking forward to doing that many times.  I had a chance to eat some ice cream my kids brought home and I had no desire as the veggies were what I really wanted.
Something happened here!

Ever since I was a little kid I found that if you give energy to what you want and no energy or attention to the negative things, the negative things sort of disappear.


I’m soooooo happy with the first 3 days on this program. I can’t believe how much I’ve slowed down in my eating, and how full I feel on much less food! And food has never tasted better!! I truly look forward to the “experience” of eating. When I think of the past and all the food I’ve just shoveled into my mouth without even thinking or tasting it….now I see how all this weight got onto my body.
No more!

The bad food habit that I think I am totally ready to give up today is “second helpings”. With this new way of eating slowly, and tasting every bite, and feeling fuller much sooner, I don’t think there needs to be any more second helpings for me.
In the past, second helpings (and thirds, and fourths….) have been a major contributing factor to my weight gain.
Now, just a few bites of all foods satisfies me without making me feel deprived. Love, love, love it!!!

Thanks for this great week!

Good Morning Wendi,

I am an emotional eater, and I live to eat.
I am on day three of the 7 Day Think Thin.
I thought I enjoyed my food until this week. I am putting my fork down and chew slower now. It is taking me longer to eat and everybody is waiting on me. Before I would just eat as fast and as much as I could.
My thought was, the first plate taste that good then the next will taste just as good.
I was aware of this and wanted to stop it but did not know how.

With your God given gift and wisdom I am changing.
I won’t weigh myself until day 7 but I can feel something is happen to my body.
There is a little extra room in my shirt and my pants are starting to slide down just a little bit. This is good.
My energy level is up in the morning.

I have always believed that the mind is a powerful tool, Did not know how to use it to  fix the problems and dump unwanted baggage. Then I heard your commercials on XM radio. I thank God for XM radio and the information age.

Thank you for helping us.

I am learning to eat slower, I have lost 1 pound so far (first day) and is even after going to a funeral yesterday where they had a reception with tons of food.  I grabbed a plate and yes I ate some items I shouldn’t have including a small dessert and I didn’t pig out, which is unlike me.  Thanks for all your help.


Hi Wendi,
Your program is really great.  Lost two pounds towards my (lofty) goal of five for this week.  Pigged out on edamame yesterday which may have been a little high in fat but it kept the sugar cravings down and it is a veggie!!  How about extending the diet to two weeks?

Hi Wendi,

The habit I am willing to let go is snacking/eating after dinner.
This program is really helping me stop and breathe to check in and see how hungry I am.

It’s wonderful to be back in control of my appetite/diet.
This  is a lifestyle change and choosing to nourish my body will help me stay healthier and happier.

When I eat a lot of refined carbohydrates and my diet soda I am hungry all the time.
Think Yourself Thin is helping me to stop choosing the wrong foods and to consider taking better care of my body.

Thank you for such an awesome program.


Time for a change? Ready to make some magic happen?
One small change, every day.
Hypnosis to make it STICK!
Feel full fast. Eat slowly. End cravings for good. Stop the struggle. Change that lasts a lifetime.


Save $50 for your 7 day challenge!
The cutoff date is Sunday Evening to be part of the membership for Monday, May 26-June 1.

Watch the intro video now. www.wendi.com/thinkthin
Sign up now and join me. I will be in your box every day.
You will be putting good things in your mouth.

Save 50.00

It is true. 100 people proved it. And tomorrow they will “weigh in” literally and figuratively, with the weight loss, changes in attitude and habits and cravings. I think you will be as amazed as I am.
Sign up now, at the end of the week, I have a very special surprise for you.

Remember to watch WendiRadio, this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
This week- It is all about Forgiveness and Letting go of the Past.
Tune in live, Noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern. Find your local time here.

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