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May 23, 2008

Drinking this weekend?

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Simon Cowell quitting drinking? How much do I love David? Can you be an American Idol? drumlogo
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Alcohol Freedom
Music and your Brain

I have to admit it, I am an American Idol Junkie. I love the Davids and currently have a “thing” for David Cook. If you are a music lover, you can’t help but get involved.

Simon is quitting drinking it seems. Makes headlines. I am sure we are all  glad that our every move is not broadcast to the world. But, if you were making millions would you be ok with the world knowing your business?

Why cut down on your drinking? Do you, like so many, not have an off switch once you start? Your brain can limit the amount you drink, you just have to set up the correct boundaries and set triggers. In my Alcohol Freedom program, the method works because it uses the sight, smell, sounds, thoughts and feelings as a trigger.

What is the trigger?

Here’s why I think my program has helped people who have failed at 12 step and rehab.
The trigger is the sight of a drink, a beer, a bar, the wine aisle in the grocery store- or anything that makes you want it.
Typically, the trigger used to make you feel desire, no self control, cravings, and an irresistible desire to consume it.

Why does hypnosis stop the need for Alcohol?

The old trigger takes an entirely new path in your brain. During hypnosis we create a massive new desire, fill it with everything you love about a powerful, sober life.
This new memory gets implanted and powered by emotions, new core beliefs, values and boundaries.

The trigger- you see alcohol, you are offered a drink, you drive by your favorite bar- All of these triggers go directly to the new memory and core belief. It affects you in ways that makes you powerful, strong and in control. The results are that you don’t have the desire to drink.

Yes, it sounds too good to be true and I have to admit it seems too simple. The brain can be used to overcome some really amazing habits and addictions if it is directed properly. And I believe that the use of these processes while in trance, virtually eliminate the need for willpower.

Ken describes it well- (he is now sober over 2 years, this was from a while back)

“I have been sober 6 months now after starting. I still listen to them often. It would be easy for me to say this crap doesn’t work but instead I listen, write ,workout do what it takes to remain alcohol free. AA didn’t help me either, I didn’t need people telling me what a sh** they are and what bad things they did when they were drinking… been there done that, and to be honest my selfish ass only really cared about me.
I love me! I can hear Wendi telling me how proud I should be of myself and the way I am changing and am so happy to be alcohol free.
I am proud of myself! The funny thing is I have no desire to drink. When I was not drinking and going to AA meetings My mouth would actually water at the site of a cold beer. Now it does not bother me in the least. I can still play golf and tailgate at games without any desire to join the drinking. So the answer is yes it does work for me, because I want it to work.”

If you are ready to stop drinking, or at least cut down,
make an important decision today.
ALCOHOL FREEDOM is exactly what it says. Freedom.
You have nothing to lose. One year money back promise.
It is only $149.
Even if you don’t believe it will work, do it anyway.

SOUND OFF! What do you think about rehab, 12 steps, and alcohol abuse? You might be shocked at what you read.
Post your comments HERE.

If Simon can cut down, so can you.

Music Heals

Beautiful Music is everything. If you are feeling bad, down, overwhelmed or funky, time to get down with your bad self.

You can become a musician, even if you never have been musical. Or you can improve your musical ability by using your brain to become more creative and opening up more musical activity during hypnosis.

For me, music changes everything. Listening to it is one thing, but playing music nourishes my soul. In fact, I am working on a music project with Cobb Bussinger so I can play my flute with his piano. He has beautiful music. We have been playing it on WendiRadio lately.

Sing- anywhere, anytime. Help your immune system and actually change your brain by singing. Who cares if the dog runs away, or the cat starts moaning. Just sing. I have a CD for that you know. Singing for Health


Impact of Music on the Brain –
It can be our best medicine, Read this

Music’s Mending Powers –
Music Heals Neurological Conditions, Read it

Making music heals Morissette’s wounds
Read the article


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Ready to get musical? Here are some things that I think you will love. I am going to make music on the beach tomorrow with 50 of these.

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TO all my 7 day challenge members, I LOVE YOU all.
You totally rock!
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