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May 4, 2008

He Didn’t Say I Love You…

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He Didn’t Say I Love You
I Said I Never do THIS
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Tom Cruise on Oprah
He didn’t say I love you…

I am sitting here watching Tom Cruise on Oprah. I don’t usually care much about celeb stuff, but Tom Cruise has always intrigued me from a “what the hell is up with him” sort of angle.
From a HOW TO SPOT A LIAR perspective, he has massive incongruence issues that indicate he is not telling the truth. (Gay? Maybe. Baby not his? Probably not)

Anyway, I watch him with fascination to look at his calibration and the pointed questions that Oprah asks.

Anyhoooo, weird thing… Kate is leaving the house to take the kids out, she says I LOVE YOU, he says nothing. Oprah says I LOVE YOU TOO, he still says nothing.
Interesting moment, weird and odd.
My spidey sense says that his marriage is an arrangement for a variety of reasons, the baby is not his (some say the father is L. Ron Hubbard) and he is making moves to become the next scientology super power.

If you need help to find out if people are telling the truth or not, check it out.

And then watch Tom Cruise for fun. You will learn much, grasshopper.


Speaking of saying I love you-
At our Hawaii Retreat, we had an entire day looking at love and relationships and we all left with our hearts and souls filled with that loving feeling.

Yesterday, at Hungtington beach, there were people giving free hugs. (they had signs and T-shirts) But they could have used our LOVE day to teach them how to really hug. A true heartfelt hug is an amazing and energizing experience. To feel the breath and soul of the person you are hugging is a beautiful thing. It makes all other hugs pale.

Back to Hawaii. We learned to hug. We breathed and hugged in silence, and lingered in our new found connection.
Next, (and this is where it got totally cool) we learned to say I LOVE YOU. We stood, face to face with one person and without any agenda, no other words, nothing to express or intend… we only said I LOVE YOU.
If any of us were previously uncomfortable saying it, well, we are all love machines now! This experience turned into something much greater than I imagined.
It was transformative to do this with nothing else expected, and no outcome needed. And as we moved to new partners and expressed only I LOVE YOU, the tears flowed. The love was profound.

For some of you, this might sound strange or you might be saying “what is the big deal Wendi?” and from reading this, you might just be right. No big deal.
As I type this, I float right back to those hours that were filled with only deep heartfelt hugs and 3 words. My heart is full, my spirit is tingling and my tears of love for what we created that week are welling up again.
Thank you. I Love You.

Watch my video show for more about Hawaii and Love.

Our retreat was amazing.
Full moon Lava hike
Ancient Healing places

We had the most amazing dolphin swims and a spectacular moment in a sacred healing place where we all absorbed the ancient healing wisdom and did a deep trance healing session.
By the way, please do not ever swim with captive dolphins. The process of bringing just ONE involves torture and death to over 20 dolphins in the process. Never, never, never pay money to dolphin swim business.
You can do it for free, with hundreds of loving dolphins in the bays on the big island. They love people and swim all around you, just inches from you. They play games, look you in the eye and make those cute little noises underwater. Unreal.
You can even watch them making crazy dolphin love. Awe, so cute.


I Told You, I NEVER do This

I try not to listen to my own hypnosis sessions. It is that weird thing that happens where we get too critical when we listen to our own voices. Well, this morning, since I have a new audio guy working on some files, I had to listen to one. This one is a sweet dreams session about being in control and it is playing while I am typing. Actually, now I am on the next track, about self love.
I am so totally tranced. Even though these tracks were meant for sleep, I think you can play them during your work time, while typing, surfing the web, thinking… and have an amazing experience. I am having one right now. Jeeez, I should listen to this stuff more often.

(Yes, this means that the Sweet Dreams version 2 is going to be shipped this week)

Seriously, I know you guys like my sessions, but I sort of understand why you say you are addicted to this. I remember when I was at a Tony Robbins event where there were 1000s of insane people screaming and yelling, and people would find me and come up to me and tell me about how my CDs made a big life change for them. Many of you said you were “addicted” to the CDs and had to have it every day. I definitely felt immense gratitude for being with you all on your path, but addicted?
Now as I am listening to this session play in the background as I type, I kinda get it.
And what fun it was to feel so honored that many of you took time to find me in a crowd of 1000s to say hi.
Thank YOU!

(PS- I heard that Tony is going to run for president next term. Yikes. That is seriously a road we don’t want to go down. I have some conflicting feelings about the results of my training with their organization. And they are unresponsive to my emails. Those rascals… many of their staff members read this newsletter, so guys here is a little shout out to respond to me, not ignore.)

Pre-Order your newly mastered Sweet Dreams CD set. It might be the easiest way to stop hunger, cravings, make you love to exercise and release the hopelessness that you have felt about dieting. You use it as you sleep. The first test, with hundreds of participants rating their experiences before and after, produced amazing results. Far beyond what I expected.

Get Sweet Dreams now, and it will be shipped by the end of the week.



So, it is Sunday Morning, I am totally tranced out by these sessions, feeling amazing.
If you have a tool that can transform your mood, or open your mind to something new, or shift your perspective to see things in a new light, why wouldn’t you? Staying stuck is no fun. I have felt the grip of being stuck and feeling their is no way to make a change. I think I used to be the master of stuckness. And when I stop and take time to open my mind to change, things start happening. Good things.

There are such simple ways to transform depression without drugs, end addiction without 12 step programs that suck the life out of you, or stop the cycle of self sabotage and fear of success.

I read about the risk of suicide and depression for the STOP SMOKING drug, Chantix (Chantiv in UK). Yes, people have actually killed themselves as a result of this drug. One man stabbed himself to death. A while back, a friend told me he tried it and ended up in one week with a gun in his hand. So, our amazing pharma companies want to further their cause in finding a pill for everything, and are willing to put people at risk of suicide for something as simple as quitting smoking.

1000s of Hypnotherapists are constantly baffled at how a smoker can stop cravings, create a massive commitment and stop smoking without a struggle. And obviously other addictions respond to hypnosis in a way that is beyond our comprehension. No side affects! Well, except for the new addiction.
(sing it with me)
Might as well face it, your addicted to love.

And that side affect may never go away.

Just in case you need to hear it again-
I love you.


PS- speaking of love- while in Hawaii I made a new video challenge for Paul McKenna, and it involves a donkey. I will put it in the next newsletter. I am sure he will like this one.
See the previous Paul McKenna Challenges here-

PPSS- have a comment? Reply to this email, I read the comments personally.

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  1. Thanks, but I understand nothing in that ” charabia “!!!!

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