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April 8, 2008

I can’t help it, I’m just bad…

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Maybe I am out of control, or just having too much fun.
Is it Wrong?
Are You Holding Back?
Today, Live on WendiRadio- new time!
The Gift Certificate Winners

Is It Wrong?
OK, Paul McKenna. If you didn’t like my cooking challenge, here is Round 3.
In the ongoing battle for the domain name ownership, as you readers may know, I have challenged Paul McKenna to drop the lawsuit and WIN the domain name (which is rightfully mine) if he will accept the challenge.
C’mon big boy, maybe you will like this one. It is a very manly challenge. And it involves a race.

wendimcycleWatch the video now.
Is it right or wrong? Many of you have offered your support and believe that if you buy a domain name, it should be yours. (Mine in this case) But if someone decides to sue you for it, even if it is rightfully yours, you have to spend money on attorneys and well, that’s no fun.
But this sure is…
Challenge number 1- the best hypnotist
Challenge number 2- the Top Chef
Challenge number 3- Born to be Wild (new)

Send me your ideas for the next challenge. I say PUT UP or shut up.

WIN $100 gift certificate.
Reply to this email with your ideas for the next challenge to Paul McKenna.
I will put it on video, no matter how bizzare!  And you win 100 smackers good toward anything at Wendi.com

If you had the guts, what would you do?

Are you holding back and not living the life you want? If you could live your dream, or break through a fear or do something daring, something that takes you clear out of your comfort zone, would you do it?
What is stopping you? I have asked myself this a lot. And after I turned 50 I decided I was going to run off and sail around the world. Seriously. I ordered a big sailboat, but had to cancel it when I found out there were serious design errors for the first 10 that were launched. I am still ready to take it on, maybe in a year or two.

The whole demasting problem at sea sort of changed me.

Now, I want a new challenge. I often feel like I work too much, play too little and need adventure.
Things I would like to do-
Paragliding off the cliffs at Torrey Pines, Become a Helicopter Pilot, Live on a Sailboat for a year or more and go around the world.
But I have to tell you that getting a motorcycle was not on my list of TO-DOs. Blame Adele for that one. She is Bruce Muzik’s wife… the guy that does those amazing Designer Life seminars. Well, she was out here with me at the Train the Trainer training and convinced me to strap on some leather and hit the road. So, in May I will take my new MC, leather up, and Adele and I will be on our way to Las Vegas in style, then back to Los Angeles for Train the Trainer 2.  I have my learner’s permit and I my Black Dahlia helmet. I am clearly ready to feel the thunder.

Are you ready to do something amazing?
Do you have the guts?
Can you live your dream?
Will you let life pass you by and stay safe in your house?
I say “let’s boogie” and I want to inspire you.
Get these two CDs, and take $29 off your order.

Use the coupon FRESH
when you order any two or more of these, and it will take $29 off!

TODAY LIVE- On Wendi Radio

It is Sleep Week. And today is PROGRAM YOUR DREAMS.
Have you flown in your dreams lately? Had a dreamgasm,
or solved a complex problem, or been awakened with a bolt of inspiration?
Today, live at 5 pm pacific, 8 pm eastern.

Join us for this VIDEO SEMINAR for sleep and dreams.
Get hypnotized today to have an amazing dream tonight!

Go to  www.WendiRadio.com to join in!

Hey, these readers get $100!
The great responses on the kids and hypnosis newsletter earned them a big gift certificate! Thank you Melinda and Kris.

Melinda in Pearland, TX

Kris  Sichuan, PRC

Where do I begin to tell you how your CD’s have helped my son?
My son is a great kid–bright, loving, a tender soul.  He also was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of 10 and suffered with involuntary muscle spasms of the eyes, head and neck. He’s used the CD’s  to help calm the spasms caused by the Tourette’s and to relax when he’s in any stressful situation.
I’ve used your hypnosis CD’s to help him with test taking.  He suffered with extreme test anxiety (probably heightened by the Tourette’s).  He would get 100s on  his homework and class work and then flunk the tests!   Since he’s developed strategies to cope with the stress, he’s been a straight A student for the past 3 years!
Get this, he’s a basketball player as well, and we use the basketball CD’s to help him focus and build his on court confidence.
I’ve even proven to him that if he uses his mind to control his anxiety and to visualize his success.  He can shoot a basket with his eyes closed!  He can stand at the free throw line, focus on the basket, close his eyes, visualize the ball going into the basket and when he releases the ball—-swish—nothing but net!  Not just once, but over and over.
Have you helped my son?  I’ll say! I can’t thank you enough for opening his mind (and ours) to the possibilities that hypnosis can bring.
Pearland, Texas


Hi Wendi-
The cd we used was Dry at Night.  Our daughter stopped wetting the bed at 3 years of age as a natural progression of life.  Then we relocated overseas, added a new member of the family and began life as an expatriate family.  She started wetting again, go figure, I was stressed by the changes in our life and could communicate my frustration, but she had no outlet.  Poor kid.  She began wetting the bed, sometimes as many as 4 times per night.  This went on for quite a while.  We found your cd and began playing it for her and within a few weeks, she was Dry at Night!  We are now using it for our son.  (He has been dry at night for about a week now!)  We are quite happy with the results!
Sichuan, PRC


Thank you for these wonderful letters!
Find out what you can do for kids and hypnosis
My CHILDHOOD OBESITY program will get your child in shape!
Spelling and READING
And much more here…

See you very soon at the VIDEO DREAM SEMINAR today.

Tune in, it is free!


Get one for nothing

Use coupon code FRESH
Get one CD for free when you buy one of these-
Got Guts
Find Your Dream
Walk In The Woods

See above for info


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