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March 19, 2008

News- Hawaii last chance, $100 gift, kids and hypnosis

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Fly away with me. Your brain will bless you. Your soul will sing. Your Heart will be happy. Hawaiilogo

2 Hawaii Hot Tickets
The Teacher told me that she is hypnotizing her kids
I’ll give you a hundred if you will do this
It’s still Fat Week on WendiRadio.com
She had a stroke and has an amazing message

2 tickets left with a bonus!

The Hawaii retreat with Wendi is less than a month away. April 16-23. Bring a 2nd person for only $500.
dolphinNew Video made fresh by my brother James, who is getting our retreat ready!
Watch the new video now

Includes all the activities, food, massage, private and group hypnotherapy sessions with Wendi and up close dolphin swims, whales, mantas and lava. Yes, there is a new lava flow that is very impressive. And it provides up close viewing. Here is a story about the lava

Get additional nights before or after the retreat for only $50 a person.
Heal your Body, Heart and Mind. No matter what you are ready to change, release, or create… this week will be unlike any other. Why? Read more.

There are only 16 participants. You will get personal hypnotherapy sessions with me, great food, soul healing, life altering adventures and a beautiful spirit to go home with. Sign up today, only 2 spaces with the bring a friend bonus!

You can even call JAMES DIRECTLY to get personal help in making your decision and also with airfare. 530-362-1280


A teacher told me that she uses my CDs during her kindergarten classes. The kids listen, nap, and feel more balanced, she said. A mom wrote to me and said her kids won’t go to bed unless they get to hear Wendi while they sleep. And she said they sleep really well and are easy to put to bed at night! childBut the best one was the mom who came up to me at my seminar. She says her two young kids were out of control at home. Their teacher could not control them and they fought all the time. Mom put on the SLEEPY KIDS CDs for them at night. The Mom looked at me and just thanked me for the huge change in her kids… in fact she said their teacher was really grateful because her two children are now focused in class, no longer fighting or disrupting the class and are really happy! Mom said their house is a peaceful and happy place… no more yelling, screaming, begging or fighting.

Honestly, so many of you asked for something for your kids to sleep better and I made the SLEEPY KIDS CDs. And at the end (when they are asleep) I put some nice gentle suggestions about feeling good, being happy, sharing, loving school, being helpful and so on. I really didn’t know that it would totally change the way a child behaves or the way they interact at home and in class.

I was so touched and honored to have helped this Mom and to make her kids do so much better in school. What a blessing. I know when my kids were young I would have done anything to help to make things smoother and easier. I wish I had these CDs back then.

What the CDs do-
Your children will listen to a story as they fall asleep and get involved in the experience. The wording in the story is meant to open their mind as they fall asleep. As the child is experiencing themself in the story they become more powerful and learn new things from the wizard. The story puts them to sleep and then there are suggestions about how they love to help out, cooperate, love their family, enjoy school and enjoy doing the right thing.

I hope you love these as much as the Mom who was thanking me at the seminar. I am really grateful to be able to make your family life, and to help make the teachers classroom a more peaceful and happy place!

You can get them here for yourself or a friend who is struggling to get their child to bed or to do the right thing. I hope you love these as much as I do.

See Sleepy Kids 1 see it here (for younger kids, appx 5 and under)
See Sleepy Kids 2 see it here (for kids about 6 and over)

Is your child gaining too much weight? Watching too much TV? Are they a super picky eater? Are they always hungry? Crave sugar and candy?
See my CD for Childhood Obesity. These are miraculous ways to help your children overcome their food issues and get fit and active!

See them here, and let them listen while they sleep. You will be amazed.

Tell me about it! Get $100~

If I use your story in my next newsletter,
I will send you a gift certificate for $100!

~Have you used Wendi’s CDs for your kids?
~Did they have a breakthrough or make a great change?
~Do you notice a big change in their behavior or habits?

Your story will earn you a big gift certificate for one hundred dollars.
Just reply to this email, tell me about it, and allow me to use your name and your city. Be sure to tell me what CD you used. If you see it in my newsletter on friday, you will get your gift!



It is still FAT WEEK at my daily TV show! Join me and fight the fat ~ live online.

Monday- Friday

NOON Pacific time,
3 pm Eastern time

IT’s a radio show!
IT’s a TV show!
IT’s an amazing hypnotic experience. I call it a power lunch. One hour a day, that’s all I ask. And for now, it costs nothing.
Chat with me live! Ask questions. Get amazing deals.

Need an archive? GO here to:
Watch the SHOW
Watch the ARCHIVES
Find your local time anywhere in the world.

YOU JUST HAVE TO DO THIS. We are having a lot of laughs in here. Especially today. Just come… www.WendiRadio.com

This video is an amazing account of how our left and right brain does it’s job. She had a stroke and tells about her discovery of our consciousness and perception that will inspire you.
Let her make the next 20 minutes of your life an eye opening experience.

Watch the video.

Peace on earth,



Some of you missed the coupon for the gift certificate since it was only good last monday. Here it is for ONE MORE DAY. But this is your last chance. I will activate it one more time, for a day. Gone by thursday at noon.
Coupon- $50 off any order of 99.00 or more.

PPSS- Oh, one more thing. One of my newlsetter readers makes some beautiful purses by hand. I am getting the one made from Moose Hide. These are fun and unique and totally handmade by Unni. Please take a look!


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