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December 20, 2007

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More Holiday Ho-Ho!
Today is the last day to get the 2 for 1 and get it shipped to you by Monday!
Everything in the Wendi Store, you get 2 sets of the CD or DVD programs and  the shipping is F-R-E-E, yes 2nd day AIR in the USA at no charge!
Do it today before 4 PM pacific time!
Go to the gift guide now, or just go to Wendi.com
  Santa is probably mad at me. Unless he has a sense of humor.
Those of you who watched my HypnoPolitical videos know what I’m talking about. A few of you need to firmly implant a sense of humor, ya know.
Anyhooo…. if you didn’t find the first one funny, about Ron Paul, you will certainly not find the Hillary Hypnosis vid to be in any better taste.
Step 1- Cut a hole in the box… (oh wait, sorry).
Step 1- Install your sense of humor.
Step 2- Smile now, as wide as you can.
Step 3- Don’t take yourself, your life, or me too seriously.
Step 4- Watch the video as I instruct you to put a woman in the white house. (can’t believe I even typed that) wendihillaryvid

SWEET DREAMS ALERT!!! If you have the Sweet Dreams CD and you have NOT yet sent in the before and after assesment, do it NOW. Remember, we had a deal. I am not letting you off the hook. Thank you for all of those who sent in the assesments.
EMAIL your results to me now!  Wow, what amazing results you all are getting in your sleep! I am inspired to expand on the Sweet Dreams theme. You and me, sleeping around!
Like I always say, I have probably slept with more people than anyone in the world. Am I right?
How does your brain work?
Let me explain.
wendinamesvidWatch the video now!

If you want me to explain it on video, you can do that right here! And we will spend a few minutes in trance as well.

The brain is very compartmentalized. Think of it like a computer with files that can be scattered all over and mixed up in ways that make things almost impossible to find.
Or think of it like an organized computer that has folders, icons to get you there and shapes and colors to identify different tasks.

For the brain to access a thought or response, it has to be triggered to get there. The trigger identifies the area that the brain activity must go to in order to get the response you want.
Example – You find a box in your attic that your forgot you had. When you open it you see a small diary and when you see that diary you immediately begin to remember how old you were, what you put in there, emotions about how you felt about it the words you wrote in it. You might also remember where you sat when you wrote in your diary, or the kind of pen you used.

The brain stored these feelings, thoughts, memories, emotions… all in a specific place. The visual trigger of the diary was like opening a file and it’s contents – the memories, emotions, feelings, sounds, smells… these were all opened up in that compartment of your brain. Researchers have found that  people who have had a stroke have very specific areas of brain damage. For instance they can no longer name vegetables, but they can still name fruits. The brain is that specific in how it stores information.

How you store the information you study and learn is crucial. If you want to create a spcific response or state of mind, like making a creative state of mind, you can create all the elements of that state in your imagination, bring in all the qualities associated with that and then make an anchor. The anchor might be an imaginary doorway, or a scent, or a physical movement, or a phrase, or all of those. I am a fan of all of those. The more things associated with the new behavior or ability, the better your brain will be at accessing the full experience.

Can you imagine ways you might use this for better sex, or studying for an exam, or for remembering names, or creating a sense of being full and satisfied after just a few bites of food? Could you create abilities that are beyond what you think you have? Read faster, spell better, run faster, jump higher?

The brain can be manipulated very easily by using techniques that anchor the new ability. It grows, changes and adapts to support this new behavior.  This is why hypnosis works so well for making such massive changes, and for creating or enhancing new abilities.

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Merry everything… and Peace on Earth!


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