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November 29, 2007

Teleseminar, The Addiction Project

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Teleseminar on November 30
Stand up to lose fat
Today is the day

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Hello you awesome people,

As you know the Addiction Project is picking up some real momentum. Scott Sandland and I have been contacted by Physicians, Rehab centers, Addiction counselors and Hypnotherapists around the world to bring our training to the far corners of the world. We are putting our schedule together and we will be in Dublin, London, Cape Town, Rome, Sydney, Canada and China. USA cities include Atlanta, NYC, Daytona, Detroit, Seattle, Hawaii and more.
This training will change the way we look at the brain and addiction. Let’s discuss it during the teleseminar.

Our instincts were right. The world is looking for a new approach to find strategies for addiction therapy.

Join us ~~

Teleseminar on Friday November 30,
1 pm pacific time,
4 pm eastern.
Find your local time here.
Submit your questions for the Telesminar

biketowork Stand Up and Lose some Fat
The Mayo clinic has some interesting ways to get you moving. Can you believe it! Yup, it turns out that standing up helps you burn fat. And you can read about it on the Mayo clinic website. (named after Mayo, coincidence?)
I like this idea. Get moving, stand up, shake your booty, ride your bike to work, lose the poundage. I am taking my morning walk at sunrise on the beach. The dolphins great me and I watch the sun glimmer on the water as it rises. Great way to get moving. What can you do to make it easier to get active?Read the Mayo article.

I really like the stretchy bands, they can be used anywhere, even while you are watching TV. And, ya know… as we all get older we can use a lot more activity. I know because I am one of the lucky ones who is getting older… especially on friday.

And I have a special super hot stuff deal just for you on… yes THIS DAY, November 30, but only until midnight.
See the specials on the upper left.

Love you all… gotta run. Speaking of getting moving, I am off to go bowling with my totally obsessed son. We went to a Lebowski Festival (if you don’t know, don’t worry about it) a couple of months ago and now he is bowling some amazing scores. So, tonight we are in a league. Can you believe it, I joined the bowling league. Good thing I have a CD for that.

Talk to you at the TELESEMINAR. Be there!

Happy day to all!

Love you~


PS- remember, for one day cuz it is my BD, you get any of the downloads at the blowout price (gotta clear out that inventory dontcha know) of only 7.77

PPSS- oh yea, it was really cute how some of you took offense to my last newsletter. It was the one about exposing the marketing ploys of retailers and about black Monday. A few of you actually reprimanded me for using the very same tactics to sell you stuff on Monday before midnight.
You might need to re-install your sense of humor. Yes, it was funny to me. And a lot of you totally got it.



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