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November 21, 2007

Why does my arm hurt?

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Addiction Expert therapist training date, read below.


Free Bonus Challenge Video!
For those of you who endured the 60 day challenge… guess what? I have a bonus challenge. And I think it is so important that I am sharing it with everyone.

This challenge is sure to make you a greater spiritual being, take 50 pounds of fat off your body, increase your pen** size, and if you send the email to 10 people in the next 10 minutes you will get a new car in your driveway in the next hour.
Now that I have your attention… let’s see if you are man (or girly man) enough for this challenge.

Watch the VIDEO here-
Deep breath…no hypnotists were harmed in the making of this challenge60daypic


in this issue

Gain 8 pounds this holiday season

Addiction Training for Therapists



Hello guys!
I am so happy that tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA. It is just a great thing to get to stuff our american faces to the point of near explosion for the sake of someone who didn’t actually discover america.
Whatever… the food is less than 24 hours away. And that means we will all start the downhill slide to further the american obesity problem.

Also, be sure to check into the therapist training for Addiction Experts. The project is really exciting and I have a great group rate. And I have a big thank you for one of my favorite people…

Read all about it…


Holiday poundage hits new high



OK, I don’t know how they get these numbers about how much fat we are packing during the holidays. Nobody asked me. Did they ask you? How the hell do they know?

It is said that we gain an average of 8 pounds during holidays. How about taking off 8 pounds this year?

I just finished some CD sessions that a PART of a new project that will be ready in January, but I have to tell that you that I love these sessions so much that I am going to offer them to you, without waiting for the really big thing. These are the Sweet Dreams segment of the new program.

What is it? – loads of research shows that getting good sleep, and plenty of it, can help you lose weight. And not getting enough sleep makes you fat.
So… I created 8 sessions that are used while you fall asleep. Each one is a different topic and has double voice sessions that implant the suggestions for weight issues right smack into your brain.

Not only do you lose the fat but you sleep like a frikken rock.
Combo made in heaven, don’t you agree?

There are sessions for losing sugar cravings, wanting to workout, getting committed, pumping up your metabolism and oh so much more. (I did one about loving yourself that brought tears to my eyes)

As you drift off to sleep do something really amazing for your body. This 2 CD set is not going to be offered as a regular item since it is part of a bigger project, but I am so excited about it I just can’t wait to get it to you.
You will need to let me know what effect it has. I want comments, testimonials and accurate charting and plotting and graphing of your results. You have to promise to respond with your comments before December 20th. OK?

Actually I will settle for your comments about the effect it has on you.
No charts and graphs.
You game?
Let’s do it.
Order it by Monday at midnight.
Promise to send back comments.
Bryan will ship it on Wednesday.
(since there are 8 double voice sessions it would normally be a $49 cost but since it is an evaluation program it is only $29)

There is nothing  else like this. And I am pretty sure it will end your insomnia.
Get in on this now.


Article Headline


If you are a Therapist or NLP practitioner and you want to become a certified Addition Expert, get on board for this training. The Addiction Project is moving fast and Scott Sandland and I are being asked to bring our program to several prestigious rehab centers and a pharmaceutical company is referring their clients to our program. We have not advertised or even produced marketing materials. The word is spreading like, well, like it should when there is something this powerful available.

Why should you join the team? If you are serious about being excellent in helping people use our methods for  addictions and you want a ROCK SOLID approach for you clients, AND (this is the big part) you want to be in our referal network of experts get signed up now.

The training is in December. The demand for our work is high and we need you! This training also qualifies you for consideration as a professional trainer for The Addiction Project where you will speak to groups and centers around the country. This training will also give you a certification with the IACT.

Great price- see you in Newport Beach, California! This is important work and if you are a dedicated, motivated and powerful therapist, we want you!
Get the information here.
Are you struggling with Addictions?
Join our 3 day seminar groups in January (dates and cities will be posted next week) and find out how you can create power and commitment in your brain to end the struggle with  ANY addiction.

Private sessions are available NOW in Newport Beach, California (near Los Angeles).
Reply to this newsletter if you would like private coaching sessions. Private clients will meet with BOTH Scott Sandland and Wendi Friesen over 2 days for 6 sessions. We will also have a small group session in December (6 people max) for drug and alcohol freedom, 2 days.
Change everything.

Remember, REPLY to this email if you need help with addiction. Confidential, of course. The replies go directly to my inbox and are only read by me. ~ Wendi




I am so grateful for each and every one of you.
I read and treasure all of your emails and letters and I am truly blessed to have all of YOU in my life. I cannot thank you enough, but I can tell you that the journey is just begining. Because of your support and sharing your personal stories and accomplishments with me, I am going full steam ahead with many projects that are going to take this work to a new high!
Remember, my office staff sends out a CD package to any of our troops here or abroad. I also have a team of therapists who will do private sessions with any returning soldiers at no charge. Just let me know!

And for you… a little gift as we get ready to celebrate our ThanksGiving here in the USA. My journey is all about YOU. I cannot thank you enough. I am grateful every single day for the beautiful blessings that YOU bring to the world.
This is day 53 of the 60 day challenge.
Watch the video and then download the MP3 for the evening.
Bless you, thank you, and remember…

I love you.



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