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November 10, 2007

What? Are you all mad at me?

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Where’s the love?
Guest Host (that’s you) needed
Teleseminar Saturday (we kiss and make up)

First of all… that last teleseminar  on Wednesday
was hosted by some other company.
It was NOT hosted by me.
The inability to register was all their problem.

But thank you to the 1000s of you who emailed me to complain about it.
And yes it was short notice.
Thank you again for letting me know
that you
were upset
that you couldn’t make it (1000s of you did inform me of this)
because I sent out an email on the day of. (yea, my bad)

With that said… I will now see if I can make it up to you.
Pay attention below.

Holy Crap! That is a really big one!
If you want to see that amazing thing I talked about, here is the video.
Watch it now.
Then find the special super secret link that will
get you out of your rut once and for all.
(The link is right below the video- it is a little heart.
Click it, but remember it will expire Saturday right
after the teleseminar is over. It is active now, you can get er done.

A teleseminar MAKE UP moment.
Tomorrow, Saturday,
1 pm pacific,
4 pm eastern time.

This one IS hosted by me and this time I will take all
responsibity, for any problems, real or imagined, that may occur.

Now, with that said, I want to get you to put your
questions in the page right here.


Ask me the hard questions.
Questions about you, about me, about something your heard,
about gossip, rumors and tantlizing tidbits.
No fluff.
Let’s talk about the very real problems
that we have with making our brain do what we want.

Get signed up here- you can also find your local time here.

Are you an intriguing interviewer?
Do you have style and fashion sense?
Are you available tomorrow by phone?

Be my guest host interviewer.
Join me on the teleseminar and ask
the questions that are provided by the listeners.

To submit your request to be my host interviewer, reply to this email.

This is for the teleseminar on Saturday, November 10.

Peace all over the place,


Wendi.com  ~~ 877 68 HAPPY or 916 933 0700
1101 Investment Blvd #100
Eldorado Hills, California 95762

Send Mail directly to Wendi Friesen at
PO box 724
Newport Beach, Ca. 92661


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