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November 7, 2007

I need to ask you something…

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I have a teleseminar tonight and I was just wondering…
if you would ask me the tough questions, make it really rock, make it more than just the usual fluff… get the idea?
The hypno-freedom folks are getting a few of the experts together for some enlightening seminars. These are with John Gray, T. Harv Ecker, Me, etc.
You can get signed up now and reserve your spot, get the access code, blah, blah, blah.
But what I really want, is for you to submit your questions that are really juicy, tasty, zingers, thinkers, and that force me to dig deep and look hard into the subject of why I do what I do.Got it?
You game?
Go here-


Get signed up for the teleseminar. IT IS TODAY!
Wednesday, November 7.
6 pm pacific time
9 pm eastern time

I have some hot offers that I will expose during the tele-seminar, of course. So if you want to get a piece of the action, be sure to attend. At the end of the teleseminar the tantalizing specials will be gone…. forever.
(Don’t you love it when people say that? Makes you all trembly inside, I know.)
What have I been up to and where the heck are all my newsletters?
That is one questions a lot of you have been asking.
Well, it turns out that my 60 day challenge has taken a lot of my time and the GREAT news is that I just shot the last segments today. Phew.
So, starting now I will get back into my newsletter swing o’ things. I promise.
Since I have been living at the beach I have to admit that priorities have changed. I am working furiously on The Addiction Project and my time is spent meeting with Rehab Centers and addiction experts, pharmaceutical companies, and coming up with an amazing project that will change the way the world treats addiction.
I am getting ready to do brain scans that will show the effect of hypnosis strategies on the brain of an addict as they use this method to get their brain to stop the addictive patterns. With brain scans to show us why and how the brain makes these changes and how it adapts to an entirely new set of signals will help explain why my Alcohol Freedom program is having outstanding results with people around the world.
Look for seminar dates in January for The Addiction Project, and get the help you need to stop your addictive patterns for good. If you are struggling with a shopping addiction, substance, foods, alcohol, gambling, internet or even biting your fingernails, these seminars will rock your world.

I will send you a video tomorrow of something I saw today that was just amazing.
Check your box in the morning. I should be in it.

Here are a couple of tidbits for you.

Remember that old story about subliminal advertising in the movie theaters?
What you will read here will shock you.
Subliminal Ads working?

False MemoriesWhy do we insist that memories from our past are real, even when they are not?

And this one,
about thinking positive, just makes me jump up and down and scream. This article has some great info about how we create optimism based on what we think about and the parts of our brain that are stimulated when imagine positive future events.

But, at the end it talks about using this discovery to treat depression and says “scientists could come up with a way to stimulate these parts of the brain in depressed people as a way of treating depression, but warns that’s still years off.” AAAArrrg.
Yes, it is years off if you are looking for a drug intervention to accomplish this.

Hey, pssssst… Us hypno people have been doing this for years.
Stay tuned for the brain scans. I’ll show you an anterior cingulate that will dazzle you.

Peace out!

Get signed up for the teleseminar.

Wednesday, November 7.
6 pm pacific time
9 pm eastern time


BIg Hairy Half Off Deal here
Need a fix? Can’t wait until the teleseminar to save big?
Here is a special deal that will dazzle you.
Act now.
Limited Time offer.
Short Supply.
New and Improved.
Bigger and Fluffier.
See it now! Save up to $4,894,453 and more!
Can’t make it to the Teleseminar? You can feel the love right now and get 50% off these three programs!
877 68 HAPPY or 916 933 0700

1101 Investment Blvd #100
Eldorado Hills, California 95762

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