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October 12, 2007

Traffic jam

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I Ran Away From Home


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I got a great email from a happy man. The juicy words have been changed,
use your imagination.
The DVD he talks about is the Hypno Mojo Mega, and it is meant to stir things up in the sack. Looks like it is working. Get yours, here.

Hi Wendi-
I have used your Hypno Mojo – Mega series on DVD.

Before… I had no confidence- I would sometimes lose my erec**on or finish with a softy.
am 58 years old and was about to give up on having any kind of a real S#X
life. I am also on blood pressure meds.

After five days wow. First day I
noticed a difference, my erec**on firmer but nothing to scream about.

It just gets
better. Any way, last night the moans from my wife and the sensations I was
feeling were just awesome.

My length and girth are back to what I was 20 years ago
seven inches and proud.

I thank you Wendi. You can print this if you want
to I am one happy customer.- Don

The daily grindI ran away from home.
Left my office staff to fend for themselves, locked the door on my house, and hit the road in search of a beach.
I just couldn’t endure one more rainy winter.
Or the perfect neighborhood where all the houses are beige.
And you get fined $100 a month for putting a flower pot on your window sill.

And you know what?
Every morning- it is still the same old thing.

Gotta get up, put on my work clothes and shoes.

Check the weather report on the computer
Mostly Sunny

70° | 58°

Fight the traffic. Try to find a parking space.


Drag my butt up to the desk, to sit in front of the same old wallpaper background.

It’s always the same.

Beach, sand, birds, surfers.

What was I thinking?

🙂 Seriously, this is my new office. I make my recordings right in that very chair. All of my 60 Day members get to join me at the beach every day.

I was in a rut… what can I say?

Junk Food / Junk LifeI have the answer.The question is this-
Q. Why are americans so obese?
A. Drive through junk food.

In other countries, like France, they eat fattening foods but don’t seem to have a problem with obesity.
My very astute powers of observation tell me it is the drive thru that is killing us.

When I drove around France I couldn’t find a drive thru.
It is impossible to find a cup of coffee in a paper cup.
You just don’t cruise around with the beans falling out of your burrito as you drive.
You sit down.
You eat.
You talk.
You feel full.

Even on the toll road, the rest stop with food had NO fast food, just sit down plates of real food.
I tried to get food for the road.
They don’t even have a paper plate or cup to take it away.

Crazy, I know.

But think about it.
If you never had the ability to drive through, and you never ate in your car, and you could only eat when you had time to sit down, eat real food, enjoy every bite… how much less would you weigh?

How often do you drive through Mcdonald’s or Taco Bell, just because you start to think about how good that burger or burrito will taste?
Why did your brain get triggered to smell, taste and process all the triggers that led you to the window?
How much conditioning went into the advertising to make your brain into a robot, who’s switch is flipped unconsciously by merely gazing at their logo?

Let’s put an end to it.

Go rent the movie- Super Size me.
Find out how bad the junk food is for your body.

And allow me to hypno YOU to drive
right past those evil doers
with a smile on your face
and a carrot stick in your hand.

New CD that will save your life.

Junk Food Junk Yard
– a hypnotically amazing experience.

Download this now
Send Me the CD now

Yea, I know… I can’t believe the price either.

Congrats Al Gore!Even though I am not a much of a liberal, I am rather fond our our earth.
Al has done an amazing job of enlightening us to the condition of our planet. I am almost thinking of getting a hybrid. Almost.

When I was in Costa Rica and flew over the rainforests, I felt an overwhelming sadness for our earth. The massive amounts of acreage that is treeless, and supports only a few cows that expel methane… the birds that are gone due to poachers stealing the babies… it was saddening.

Then there was the baby leopard in a small cage.leopard
When I asked why it was there in a cage,
the new owners of this cat said that the hunters brought it to them.
I didn’t have to ask what the hunters did with the mother cat they killed.

I took a hike to the top of a 50 foot tree where a guide explained the changes in our earth’s atmosphere and the irreversible damage to the planet’s ecosystem.
To me, it feels like this planet just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Recycle. And eat less beef. It can’t hurt.

Might as well CRUISE! Now for something a little cheerier.
The Seminar at Sea is going strong!
We have some fascinating people who are climbing on board for the cruise in March.

The experience will be so much more than a cruise, with seminars (with me) together that will challenge your habits, thoughts, and fears.
Here is why

I am going to make it my commitment to see that each and every one of you leaves with a new twinkle in your eyes, a fearless spirit, and a focused determination to have a life you love.

If you are stuck, depressed, dissilusioned, or you just want MORE from life, join me.

Together for 6 days we will eat, swim, dive, laugh, and be challenged to get all the way out of even the deepest of life’s ruts.

See the schedule here.

The 60 Day Challenge

Bless you all, who are taking the 60 Day Challenge.
Every day I get to make videos for you, mostly on the streets of my new life.
Running away can be a good thing.
And with the challenges I get to video for you every day, I get to look at every day and every challenge for myself as well.

I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. And based on your emails you are having a pretty good time as well.

If you have not yet joined, please consider starting today.
Your 60 days starts the day you join with Day 1. Together we look at your life, fears, goals, loves, and hurts, in a new way.

Why should you join me?
I guarantee you it will change everything.
This is the best deal I have ever offered. About $1.50 a day, for a video challenge, and a hypnosis MP3 session at night.
Mull that over.
Now go here.
Yes, Wendi… I need more, want more… must have it every day.

Get in on the Challenge!

challenge fridge

Eat different
Be fearless
Contemplate beer
Be passionate in a day

Do this now. I want to be in your box by the morning.
60 different topics that will rock your brain.
You will never be the same.
Don’t miss it!
Yes, yes yes yes yes.

One item
Save 40%
Until Monday, get any ONE program at 40% off.
Excluded- the 60 day challenge and
the JUNK FOOD CD or download.
Other than that… have at it!
GO here to shop it up! http://hypnosis.wendi.com
Zen of Thin
Alcohol Freedom
Confidence Power pack
Do It Now


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