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September 28, 2007

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Brainy Students, Me in your Pocket, and a Bicycle thief
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For those of you on my 60 day challenge, thank you for all your emails. I am glad you enjoyed the insomnia video, which was shot while I was in bed.
We are in this together!
Glad you could sleep with me once again.
seminarGet in on the challenge. Hug a tree, it is good for you soul. And the super secret bonus is still there!
Watch the video here!
Today I was in my office (today my office is a lifeguard stand at the beach) making a video about being young and I remembered how essential it is to spend time programming your body and brain for youth and health. I know it sounds like a good idea, but actually doing it is another thing.
Stress and anger seem to be our biggest culprits in aging us and making our bodies age.
Using our brain and being challenged is a sure way to ward off dementia.
Are you doing enough?
Help can be found below.

Anger and your heart

seminarNew research in the September issue of Psychosomatic Medicine shows that healthy people with high
levels of anger, hostility or depression also have high blood levels of
C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation of the arteries.

More and more, heart experts are
recognizing that this arterial inflammation is key to the
cardiovascular disease process, and this latest study suggests
reductions in anger might help reduce heart problems.

How do you end your anger? The answer is not simple, but I do have a great set of hypnosis sessions that will stop the anger, make you change your perspective and feel more calm and patient.

Is it just what you need? Or maybe you need to get it for a friend or spouse?

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Pocket Therapist is BACK!
pocket therapist We love the pocket therapist And it is back! An all new player, preloaded and stuffed full of things your brain loves!

Get the traditional (and might I say amazing) Pocket therapist with 16 intense, mind boggling, and brilliant sessions. Such a deal. You get this NEW mp3 player with it as well.

Pocket Therapist  The Original– with 16 brainstorm sessions $79!
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Pocket Therapist with the entire Confidence Power Pack loaded on it, $30 off.

Pocket Therapist for Students! Super deal for you.
Get all this for your brain.
An MP4 player with memory, speed reading, test taking confidence and sessions to make you strong and confident in school.
Great for students of all ages, of course.
See it here. $30 off.

They are all pre loaded with LOVE and HYPNOSIS that you plug right into your brain. Yea!

Riley’s Bicycle fund
Riley has been filming all of my 60 day challenge videos and editing and uploading them. (he is my 19 year old son) I am thrilled with the job he has been doing. When we shoot the videos we ride our beach cruiser bikes to find fun spots that express the subject of the video. The bike rides together are really fun.
But his new bike met up with some bad luck.
He is asking for your generous help.

To whom it may convince,
Riley here- I recently moved down to Newport beach.I am now  getting used to an entirely different lifestyle. 
The people are different, Every day activites are different, 
and method of travel is completely different. 
Almost everyone is riding their bikes around this amazing place. 
Lately, I had tried to conform to the every day life of this new world, 
and bought a very nice new bike. 
It is a red low rider beach cruiser bike, almost like a motorcycle. 
It is better than any bike I have ever ridden, and to tell the truth, 
I never want to ride a normal bike again. 
Then one random night,(keeping in mind the vast varieties of people in this place) 
it dissapeared. 
Only 1 night. In a very nice neighborhood it seemed perfectly safe. 
It was gone by morning, only to have the oldest, rustiest, crappiest bike in 
history to be left in its place. 
This bike is so terrible it hurts to ride it. 
Now I'm thinking, someone that left this bike in its place, had to be riding 
around the neighborhood on the class 1 supercrap bike. 
I conclude from this that they most probably live within 5 miles of here. 
So, every day I have been riding and driving around looking 
for the bike bandit. I have yet to find it and dont think I ever will. 
There are thousands of bikes in this place, and I virtually have no chance 
of recovering it. It would take me quite a long time to earn the money for 
a bike as nice as this one, and the bike they left for me is driving me nuts. 
All I ask is a small friendly donation, whether its 1$, or 20$, it matters not. 
I hope to raise enough to get a better bike than the one I was left with, 
because it is the only way to enjoy getting around down here. 
Thank you for listening, and I wish you all a bike safe life. 
Watch my video now! Go here 

-Riley Johnson
Donate now! It's easy. 

Donate today.

The first 10 people who donate (any amount) will get a $20 gift certificate toward anything on the WENDI site.

Peace on Earth!



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