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September 20, 2007

Sand in My Toes

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Come Play with me!

You and me, twice a day.

Hi gang,

I am done with my vow of silence and I am all yours. Ready to rock your world?
Let me tell you what I have been up to.

My 60 Day Challenge has been an amazing project and now I am ready to offer it to our next group of eager members.

If you did not get in under the deadline during the first launch, here is your chance to find out why this will change the way you go about your day.
See below.

I recently moved, and for those of you who are local to Orange County you will see an announcement next week for my “fire party” on the beach. Bring matches your going to need them. You will learn to eat fire. Not kidding.
Read all about it.



60 Day Challenge
100 more members will be accepted today

I have made some changes lately and have not been able to get a newsletter out to you.

But those of you who are part of the 60 day challenge have been seeing me daily.
THANK YOU for your wonderful emails and comments about the challenge. I am totally enjoying it, the experience of making the videos is causing me to make changes along with you.

Here is what I am up to.
Not long ago, I set my outcome to have a house at the beach.  I have been living in the Sacramento area far too long, but didn’t think there was a way to get myself into a beach house.
As you know, when you set something in motion and pull the trigger, (and if you have paved the way by removing resistance and sabotage) the results might happen faster than you think.
I never thought it would happen this fast, but I am now  in Newport beach, mere inches from the beach. My office is still serving you well, up in Eldorado Hills. The big smile on my face is due to my new office is on the sand. How cool is that?

For those of you in the 60 Day Challenge, your nighttime sessions are recorded in my office as you probably noticed.
Right on the sand. Yup, that office.

Today I am headed out to the famous Wedge, which is a huge wave that swallows up body surfers. I will video some challenges there. You will enjoy the 15 foot waves swallowing the surfers. It is a sight to see!

Did you miss out on the 60 day challenge?
GREAT news. The system has been perfected, the bugs all worked out ( at least for now) and you can start your 60 days tomorrow.
People are diggin it, not the least of which is me. I am loving the challenges and they really have made me more conscious and aware of how I create my day, how the little things make us better, and the power we have when we go through our day FULL ON!

JOIN NOW- get this bonus-
Choose any 5 of my favorite, full length sessions as your gift!  A $150 value. AND you get $50 off of the 2 month challenge price. Don’t start your day without a little bit of me in your box.

What is the 60 day challenge?
Every day I show up on in your inbox on video, with a 5 minute message for you. I will give you a challenge for the day. Something small or big, an attitude change, a physical feat, or a mental technique that makes you smarter.

You complete the challenge and join me again at night as you listen to the MP3 hypno session that embeds your new super power deep into your very willing brain.

Of course!
Fun, strange, and fascinating.
$50 off if you get signed up by Saturday.
AND for the next 100 people a big bonus.
You get to choose 5 single CDs (a $150 value) to have shipped to you absolutely freeeeeeeee.

Do this now. I want to be in your box by the morning.

(if you just want the FIVE hypno sessions for only 50 bucks, you can get them all by themself.
And you get to choose your five!)
See the list here:

Come and Play!

To one and all…

I love you.



Join me!
This is where we
play together.

Are you ready to become an amazing speaker and trainer?
Join me at
Train the Trainer in Los Angeles, October 16-20
Call Eric at
888-868-8883 Ext. 1690

San Diego Hypnosis Network– a small group that meets on October 9th. You must reserve your spot, only 40 can attend.
Reply to me to reserve, I will be speaking for 2 hours and playing with your willing mind.

Detroit- IMDHA
October 26-28

I will be speaking for 4 hours on addictions. CEU credits, and great speakers!
See it here

Hypnoticon Atlanta
february 1-3
Experimental trance and cutting edge hypnosis. This is going to blow your mind.
Find out why.

Cruise with ME!
Go on vacation with Wendi and blast your life into high gear. March 10
Seminar at sea, from Florida to Belize and six workshops on the ship. Mix it up with me, get personal sessions, play, swim and dive! We will do it all. Get it on, you won’t believe the price!

Get in on the Challenge!
challenge fridge
Eat different
Be fearless
Contemplate beer
Be passionate in a day

60 different topics that will rock your brain.
You will never be the same. Don’t miss it!

Did a friend send you this? Get your own, go here! It’s fun and tastes great.
Join Our Mailing List!
By the way, I was at the Tony Robbins event last week, Life Mastery.
What fun that was.
We did a cleanse for 6 days ( I have never done a cleanse before) and got the poop sucked out of us with colonics.
Woo-hooo! I feel pretty.
I really enjoyed the week and feel refreshed and renewed. I am also very inspired to get my new seminars locked in tight with dates and details for you.
My all new I LOVE MONEY seminar is coming at you soon.
Is the Love of Money wrong? Find out next week in a free teleseminar (details to come, watch your inbox) and decide for yourself.

I will be offering this training in November, be sure to sign up when you see the announcement. This is all new, deeply challenging, and and exciting and refreshing approach to ending your fear of failure, unworthiness and money pain once and for all!

Bend your
Remember to get on board with the Challenge.
Nothing else is like it.
If you have been living on auto pilot, you need this.
In a rut? This really is the cure for the common RUT.
Click my nose and come play every day!

No coupons, no additional discounts, no kidding.

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