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August 17, 2007

Hangin with Tony

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Out of Control.

wendirockWatch the Video Now!
I just returned from 4 days at Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within. Video thumbnail. Click to play
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What an amazing experience. If you have never gone, it is time to consider where you are NOW and where you WANT TO BE.
Most of my experience is summed up in the video. The days were long and intense and the message was loud and clear that if you want to live an extraordinary life you have to stop doing a good job.
Don’t settle for good. The world is full of good people, good companies, good products.
Demand something more from yourself… Be outstanding.
I came out of the seminar with a solid commitment to hold myself to a higher standard.
I really expected to just have an enjoyable weekend watching Tony do his thing… but I have to tell you that I was blown away.


Watch the video now
So here it is.

To hold myself to that higher standard, I am launching a 60 program for you that will challenge you daily to so something different.
Here is what I want to create with you.
Each morning you watch a 5-10 minute video.
The video will have a challenge for you.
The challenge will be for the entire day.
Some are small and easy, others are a little more creative.
At the end of the day, you will listen to a short Hypnotic Session with me, that will integrate the most valuable thing you learned from the challenge.
You can keep the skill, behavior or habit, or toss it. The audio session will give you a choice.

Be Outstanding!
What will happen if you TRY ON one small change each day?
During the short video each morning, you might be challenged to have excellent posture for the entire day and enter a room with outstanding confidence.
Or you might be asked to have excellent eye contact with every person for a day. You may be asked to eat very slowly for the day, enjoying the wonderful sensations and flavors of your food.
I may give you a workout challenge.
You might be challenged to create a joint venture by the end of the day.
Small or big, I think you will love this!

The 60 days of videos-
In each morning video, I will describe the challenge, lead you through an experience of watching yourself already having that ability, capturing the feelings and sensations of that ability, and immersing yourself in it to last throughout the day.

I’m pumped… how about you?

By the way, this 60 day membership is $149. But if you order ANYTHING (any item on the cart) and use the coupon INTENSE you get $50 bucks off.
Only 400 of these member slots are available.
And if you are feeling the need right now, and you get on board before midnight Saturday (my time, pacific) and you will get the entire DOWNLOAD of my Financial Abundance CD set with all 8 sessions. No charge
$99 after coupon AND the financial abundance download. Wowzer!

Yes you read that right!
60 days of you and me in the morning on video.
60 days of the hypnotic integration evening session.
Fifty bucks off. Use coupon INTENSE
Order before Saturday midnight, get Financial Abundance download for free. (a $149 value)
Get it NOW.

Six Outstanding People needed
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Accent imageAre you willing to live a passionate life and get paid well to do it?
I need a team to coordinate and implement my seminars. If you are in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego area and you are experienced with seminar management, get on board with me and help create and supercharge my seminars.
These are paid staff positions, full time and part time.
Some positions will involve travel. Send an introductory letter with your expertise and experience that would make you an excellent member of my seminar staff team!
Send to office@wendi.com right away.

More good stuff
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wendi.comSee all the programs I offerHow about one of my favorite CDs, the Sweet Surrender?Or maybe you would love to get my Happiness 101?
I want to start you up, every day.
Join the 60 day members

only daily video challenge. YOU ROCK! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I am moving down to Newport Beach in about 2 weeks. My office staff will remain here in Eldorado Hills, at your service.

I am really excited about having a great place to meet you all when you come to my live seminars by the beach in the sun and sand.

The new schedule will be posted soon.For Next week, two more LIVE teleseminars on Wednesday and Thursday. Get ready, you are going to love what I have in store for you this week.With heartfelt love and thanks to all of you!


PS- remember to get your 60 day YOU ROCK membership.

Great deal, and great fun. How much will you learn about yourself? How much fun will you have when you take the challenges? Find out here


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