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July 18, 2007

If it itches, you must scratch it

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Teleseminars- July 25, 26, 27
Scratch and Dent sale!
Wendi’s Wonder Widget

Video, weight challenge

VIDEO! From the lava fields of Hawaii.
Wendi Watches Your Weight for you. Video of mass instruction.
Watch it now!

On this video you will learn something about your body image and the way your mind controls your need to over eat, to be lazy, or to make you feel hopeless about your food issues.
Do you think you have a food addiction? Or are you simply a prisoner or some unstoppable thought process that has resulted in habitual or compulsive behavior? I have helped over 100,000 people with this, and their success with hypnotherapy and food issues is my proof. If you are at the end of your rope, or you just feel frustrated that you can’t be in control, please get the most power program on earth into your brain each night as you fall asleep. I guarantee you will wake up amazed every day!
Watch the video now!
Learn more about the Zen of Thin, hypnosis for weight loss system


The widget is a great way to recharge your mind, reset your attitude and have a creative moment. It will live on your computer like your little friend.
You click when you are ready for your three minute break.
Honestly, I think this is one of my most inspired inventions.
Find out if you will love this as much as I !

2 choices
Whispers in the Dark
Think Thin Widget

(The widgets are purchased on a different shopping cart than our usual products. You will have to make a SEPARATE purchase on that cart)

Teleseminar Time- Fat, food and workouts

dance nude

Thank you all for your amazing turnout for my telseminar/webcasts.
Itchin to listen?
You can find the previous ones here-
Listen to the replays here

All upcoming tele-seminars will be posted here.
All replay links are here as well.
It is all free to you, to enjoy immensely.

Listen to the replays here
July 25, 26, 27
Get in on this- 3 Teleseminars on your addiction to food, your magnetic attraction to the couch and your insatiable appetite.
Can I make you thin? I believe so.
If the pills and diets and machines worked, we would all be thin and fit. But, alas, it is all in your mind.
Your commitment, attitudes, hunger and YES your food addiction rests firmly in your mind.

I WILL PROVE to you that you can change it. Stop tormenting yourself and find out how fast you can get committed to workouts, and love to feel full after eating nutritious foods.

NOT KIDDING here- if you think you have a food problem, it is time to fix it.

Join me next week for the Teleseminars that will make you lean, healthy, and happy.

Scratch and dent time!

Guess what Karen and Kim found? A closet stuffed full of things that are not quite perfect- a scuff on the cover, a returned item, CDs that have an error on the label.
And of course… every CD will play perfectly.
Great price, amazing deals.
In addition to the phenomenal deals below, this time we have assembled a Box o’ Pleasure assortment for you.
When they’re gone, they’re gone!The Box o’ Pleasure is a combo pack of CDs, all are worth more than $150.
You get them for only $39.
Just find the topic that you feel most in love with.Power/Confidence $39 17 of these Feel the power
Health/Happiness $39 29 of these Get it!
Sensual/Love $39 34 of these Get one now

And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for-
The scratch and dent sale.

Quantity is very limited.
Please help us clean them out.
The quantity is listed before each item
58 Alcohol Freedom- $149 value,
only 39

6 Sensual Woman- 59 value, for 25
7 Remote Seduction- 39 value,for 15
3 My Life, depression solution- 150 value,for 39
9 Living Large 2CD set- 89 value, only 29
7 Living Large 6CD set- 199 value, only 49
26 Do It Now set- 79 value, only 39
74 Zen of Thin DVD and CD set- 149 value, only 35
8 Weight Release set, 4 CDs- 89 value, only 35
7 DVD- Big O- 69 value, only 19
13 Financial Abundance 4 CD set, 149 value, only 74.50
4 Body Builder set, 79 value, only 29
8 Stop Smoking set, 49 value, only 24
11 Confidence Power Pack, 99 value, only 39
15 Ultimate confidence, 49 value, only 19

Remember, when they are gone they’re gone.
Order fast, to get yours right away.
NO RETURNS on these special dealios!


I Swear, this is so weird

Widget Every day when I turn on my computer, my Wendi Widget comes up and I hear my own voice saying-
“It looks like you and I could use a little time together”
and then when I click the widget, I get a 3 minute session with my voice.Me hypnotically enticing me to listen to me.
widget loveBut the even more interesting part is when I actually listen to the session. It is a really nice 3 minutes. Today, as I listened, I thought that this is something that everyone should get to enjoy and experience every day.Here’s how it works. The widget was originally a subscription and new 3 minute power sessions were loaded in every day. Well, I decided that there should be no subscription, just a one time price. You can have it, and enjoy it forever on your computer.

The VIP widget
has a variety of subjects, including some rather adult sort of topics. You get one session a day, and you can play it over and over and over.

The THIN widget is a 3 minute trance session every hour, that will bombard your brain with the best 3 minutes of your day… EVERY hour. Each session is about exercise, getting healthy, ending cravings, body image, and so on.

(The widgets are purchased on a different shopping cart than our usual products. You will have to make a SEPARATE purchase on that cart)

How much easier will it be for you to stay healthy, to remember to drink water, get out and walk and run, love your veggies and lose the fat, than a 3 minute trance session every hour.I know you will love these.
Just get em, install em and your computer will be your best friend.

Sad to say, they don’t work on Macs.

But if there is a Mac Widget expert out there who wants a quick job, I will hire you to make these same widgets for Macs! Reply to this newsletter.
Here is to peace on earth, and bliss in your mind and body!



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