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May 25, 2007

What does this mean?

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Life Meaning Thumbnaillogo

Wendi Wants Meaning…
but What does that mean, really?

Give your Life Meaning ~ Radio this Sunday, I need you ~
London June 2,3 ~ Amaze Your Brain


I just returned
from Miami. We had a great hypnosis convention. Just imagine, a bunch of
hypnotists staring at each other for days. Bodies strewn about, deep in
trance, unable to awaken each other. Yea, it’s a little weird. 😉
The Addiction Training was awesome, thank you all for attending. Thank
you Robert Otto for creating the best convention, you rock!
Tuesday I leave for London and I will see many of you on June 2, 3 for
another Addiction Training. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am
about how this is going to change the way the world looks at addicton.
Every group I train will become experts and will be part of alarge
referal network. Next training is in California in July. I am also
working with Scott Sandland and Robert Otto to create the most powerful
and innovative video program for therapists and rehab centers worldwide.
Stay tuned!

Does your life lack meaning?
A $200 bonus will change everything!

I hate when
that happens.

If you need more drama and laughter, just watch the video. Straight from the Lava cliffs of
Hawaii… and just in case you are wondering “No, my toes are not
that long!” It must be some weird camera angle effect. So, all you
foot fetish weirdos, don’t be getting all excited. Geez… I gotta get
a new camera man.

Today, Great deal!
MY LIFE cd set. Find out what your life means, end depression, feel
loved, get your self esteem back.

Was 149, now 99
And you get that 200 dollar sweet deal.

Get it now
Use coupon LIFE

Life Meaning ThumbnailCrashing waves, wind,
and Pele… all for you.

Watch the MY LIFE video now.

my lifeHoly Cow! Look at this, not
only does it change everything you ever thought about your life, but it
comes with a $200 bonus that costs you nuttin.
$50 off, and the bonus. (worth $200)
Life’s good.
Only $99 this week.
Order it, use the coupon
and you’re good to go!

Hypnotists! Learn
to Make and Market your very own CDs. This training video will teach
you how.
(it’s free)
Part One here.
In part one you will learn about your scripting, voice, how to be
creative and unboring to the extreme.
Brought to you from the sandy shore of Hanalei Bay in Kauai.

Many of you remember when Bruce and I had a Quantum
Manifesting Seminar recently.
Quantum Manifest
We made a video of the 10 hour seminar, but there are a
couple of little problems with the video. Not major, but both of us
agreed that while the content is kick-ass-awesome, the editing had a
few boo-boos.

So, if you want to get quantumly excited about manifesting like you
never thought possible… and you are Ready to reach into your mind and
stop self sabotage, get future focused and manifest in ways that you
will NEVER learn in the secret…
And you Want To do it for a song and a dance… jump up and down now.
Right now, sing and dance… here it is.
You get the 6 hour DVD for nuttin. Just order anything over 50
US dollars, and use code LIFE and we will toss it in.


Radio~ This
Sunday on the radio show, I will read your emails on the air,
answer even the strangest questions, and give you advice, psychic
readings, ideas for your brain, and irresistible hypnotic commands.

REPLY to this email NOW with your questions!
Tune in on Sunday- 4 pm pacific, 7 pm eastern. Find your
local time here-


June 2 and 3. Go to
www.APHP.net for info. Become an
expert therapist to end addictions for your clients. It will blow your
this is just plain fun. Stare at the
monitor for about 30 seconds then stare at your hand, foot, teddy bear or
pet duck. Cool.
MORE BRAIN FUN All free for your brain
Hypno quiz, Hypno Genius course, Radio Show archives.

Love and kisses to all!



Code is LIFE

ORDER anything this week
over $50, and you get absolutely, completely complimentary, the
Quantum Manifesting Seminar with Wendi Friesen and Bruce Muzik. The DVD is
6 hours, packed full of hypnotic manifesting, the science of manifesting,
the joy and excitement of Bruce (who is a little bit nuts anyway) and the
always whacky Wendi. You can NOT buy this. You can only get it as a gift
when you use the coupon LIFE with your order over 50.

GO to www.Wendi.com and find the solution to
your problems.
Use the coupon LIFE and get the DVD that will,
without a doubt, change your life.

This DVD is worth $200,
don’t miss out.


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