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May 17, 2007

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video logoseminarNews
Watch the video!
Guess where I’ve been?
I ran away to Hawaii for a month and found some very comfy lava to prop myself up on for a few videos. Lucky for me, I didn’t fall off of one cliff.
In the next few weeks you will see quite a few cliffhanger videos… all made to inspire you to have a wet and wild life!
With love and lava,


Food For Thought
:: Put Your Brain on a Diet
:: Digestion Problems?
:: Miami/London
:: Thin Body, Thin Mind
:: Product Links

Straight from the Rocks and WavesStop beating yourself up.
What is secretly causing
you to sabotage your efforts
to get healthy?

Put Your Brain on a Diet
Fat brain got you down?
Watch the video-
Do the process. When I tell you
to close your eyes, just do it. K?

Who loves to exercise?You do, that’s who.
If you want to wake up
ready to hit the street
and run,
or stay committed to
working out,
you have to attach positive
thoughts, feelings and pictures
to your very nimble brain.
Today is YOUR lucky day.
Get my famous LOVE TO EXERCISE cd
at no cost with any order!
See bottom for coupon.

Digestion Problems?
Does your stomach have problems accepting
certain foods?
Do you have serious food reactions, allergies,
and feel sick most of the time due to foods?
Try my hypnosis CDs and even though
it sounds miraculous,
you can change your bodies response
to foods that your brain and body
previously thought were dangerous.
Get the HAPPY TUMMY cd
Allergy Freedom CD set and live life
without allergies to foods.



June 2 and 3

Will you be there? I will.
Addictions and Hypnosis- a new strategy.

Special Price for USA attendees. Just ask Terence for the WF special.

This is a 2 day workshop. I will
be teaching you how to give an addiction client power to make a rapid and
lasting change.

If you are a counselor or
therapist and would like to attend, please contact Terence Watts immediately.
He has a few openings for this summer seminar.
Join me in London for 2 days that will give you a new outlook on addiction

Based on the principles in my
Alcohol Freedom program, you will use hypnosis and NLP methods to create a
sense of freedom for your client, no matter how many rehab failures
they’ve had.


May 18,19,20.

Come to the IACT conference this weekend. www.IACT.org
On Monday, the 21st, I will be teaching a full day that will
give you the tools to help an Alcohol addicted client. You will be doing a
great service for your clients, and become a valuable and confidential partner
in their recovery.
Open your therapy practice to an emerging need for therapy that works.

You can learn more about my
program here www.quitdrinkingnow.com

Thin Mind, Thin Body
It is still all about this-
thin mindResearch shows huge differences
in those who used hypnosis to
get the fat off their bodies.
Also totally changes the long term
Keep it off.
Check out this research!
Now, make your brain
get committed by embedding
the results each month in the future.
Trigger positive chemicals by programming
your brain with positive emotions.
This is easy.
Get my COMMITMENT CD at no charge, see below.

Fat is all in Your Head
fat head
Always will be.
And it is all your fault.
Bear with me here…
Try to pay attention for an entire day
to your self talk.
What do you say to yourself when you
think about exercise or diet?
What do you say to yourself when confronted with
sweet foods, or when you are hungry, or when
cravings strike?

Pay attention for ONE FULL DAY. Find out what you
might be doing to sabotage your efforts.
Be honest with yourself.
If you know about it, you can change it.
If you don’t, you can’t.

And we are all about change, aren’t we kids?

Keep Your Mind Thin

Brain Massage
Double voice sessions
will make your brain very happy

2. Zen Of Thin
Zen Of Thin DVD/CD set the
entire audio and video program

3. Weight Scripts
Weight Release Scripts
8 Full length sessions, great therapy!

4. Weight Release
Weight Release-
the Hypno Diet works!

5. Appetite Zapper
Appetite Zapper and
Love to Exercise on one CD

6. Workout
Create a Healthy
Compulsion to Workout

7. Eat This
Great way to stop sugar cravings
and night time hunger

8. Body Builders Mastery
The Mind Body Workout-
hypnosis for building muscle and strength

9. Virtual Stomach Staple
Hypnosis to teach your mind
that your stomach will be
full after a few bites.

Body Mind Mastery
Body Mind Mastery- healthy,
stronger and more youthful body and mind

Keep Your Kids Thin

Eat Your Veggies
Hypnotic Stories for Kids,
to help stop childhood obesity.

12. Apple Eater
Hypnotic Stories for
Kids for childhood obesity.
Apple Eater/Pickle Island

Creative Brain Blast brain blast
Just because I love you all,
and because I know your creative genius state
needs a little nudge,
this week you can get this one at 40% off.How do you stimulate that creative state?
What is the fastest way to get inspired?
Change your chair, change your posture, change the music you are listening to.
Stop trying, close your eyes and breathe.
Remember the technique I taught you about using a doorway?
Imagine that in all that darkness behind your eyelids, there is a doorway.
Float into it, imagine it having a surprise on the other side.
Open it, float on in, and allow your mind to have sounds, colors, feelings,
smells, and enhance every sense.
Now you have a few choices- either bring in a wise sage to give you inspiration.
Or, imagine there is a beautiful box just waiting to be opened.

Open it and find a burst of new creative ideas for your project!
Get more ideas- right here on these CDs.

Twiddle your thumbs a little today.
Turns out it’s good for your memory


Hot Stuff
Here is where it gets good.CouponLOVEBOD – will get the the LOVE TO EXERCISE cd at no charge with your order.Or
CouponYESICAN – With any order. any we will include the COMMITMENT cd at no charge.

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