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April 30, 2007

Wearing only a leaf…

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Bad Habits make the world go around
April 11, 2007
Your Brain will never be the same
Habits, Addictions, Rehab
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Hot Lava Pond
Me wearing only a leaf. I love this natural hot tub, heated only by the geothermal underground.
pondleafwendi2Stop That! Habits and Addiction help from my Rock in Hawaii.
Watch the video now

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Habits, Addictions, and Self Righteous quitters
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Watch the video on Blip.TV now
My new online TV station! Wooo hooo!
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Your bad habits and addictions are a foundation for a booming economy. Just think about it- all the tax on alcohol, cigarettes, gambling that feeds the government takes more money out of some peoples earnings than their income taxes.
And consider the unbelievably expensive rehab industry, a great business to be in since they know you will always be coming back for more.

Factor in the higher health insurance costs that are passed on to all of us when someone’s insurance has to pay for a $30,000 month of rehab. And since it takes 3-4 attempts at rehab to get clean, it is a major drain on our insurance costs for all of us.

Take a long slow deep breath- this is the worst part. What percent of crimes are drug related? Ask a cop. It’s big. Most violient crimes are due to drug abuse that there is no effective help for.

And after you do all that, you probably would need a drink.

I wonder how much our economy and tax base is supported by our bad habits… or more accurately by our attempts to be free from them.
Shopaholics, Gamblers, Alcohol and drug users, smokers, and this one is truly frightening.
One of the most rapidly growing drug addictions among teenagers is prescription drugs. Opiates that are rapidly catching on, often starts with V/ic/od-en abuse, is an opiate. It is higly addictive and extremely hard to quit.

From http://www.teendrugabuse.com

Today teenagers are NOT using as much
cocaine, crack, LSD, and ecstasy as the teenagers of the 1960’s. Kids
have found other ways and means to get high; painkillers and other
prescription drugs are being abused at record levels. This up coming
generation of teens has been given the name “Generation Rx.”

Teens are often getting caught raiding their
parent’s or grandparent’s medicine cabinets in order to get high. For
the first time, national studies show that today’s teens are more
likely to have abused a prescription painkiller than any illicit drug.

What can be done? The generation coming up through the ranks is going to be battling addiction in much greater numbers that anything we have yet seen.
Unfortunately, I have become an expert on the effects of o-x/y#contin (sorry, gotta bypass the filters) and opiates, since I have helped a family member through rehab for this addiction. It is truly mind bending, brain altering and will take some new methods of fighting the good battle to help this next generation have their lives back.

In my opinion, traditional rehab is a dismal failure. A new approach absolutely must be availalble to give people a new way to get clean and sober.

Get Training!

Become an Expert on Ending Addictions
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Are you a Hypnotherapist or Counselor?
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In Miami- May 21st 9am- 5pm
Become an expert! Addiction Freedom trainer. Help people create a life they love, with their addictions.

In London- June 2-3
Two full days with Wendi Friesen, training to help your clients end addictions. Get to London and stay for a week to enjoy summer in England.
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Stop Smoking together!
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Stop Biting Your Fingernails
Get your bad self to stop looking at them dirty pictures on the internet.
Other strange addictions? Use Addiction Freedom to stop the struggle. Great for a variety of things that you feel you are addicted to.
Food Addiction? Zen of Thin is a love fest with your new healthy self!
Addicted to Procrastination? Not really an addiction, but you can get a 2 for 1 on this one! Why wait?

Power Napping for Addictions. A quickie is in your future! Power Napping is an excellent way to get stronger as you heal your issues with addiction.Lack of sleep may increase risk of high blood pressure and sleep deprivation can cause impairment equal to drugs and alcohol, according to researchers. Each year more than 100,000 traffic accidents are the result of drivers’ lack of sleep.

When your mental state is impaired by lack of sleep, you will be more susceptible to the cravings and desires of an addiction. Take these sessions with you everywhere, and use them when you need to push the reset button.
This will be a great tool to stay strong and in control and reinforce your new strength and INSTANTLY stop a craving.

My power nap program is very popular with truckers. If they are not feeling alert, they can pull over and take a 10-20 minute power nap. This short session is much more revitalizing than a nap, due to the deep trance state and the suggestions for being alert and aware during driving.
It does not substitute for a good night’s sleep, but it is quick way to be more alert. http://www.mypowernap.com

Be sure to watch that video!
It is from a lovely spot on lava, in beautiful, magical Hawaii
Peace on Earth!


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