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April 18, 2007

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Everyone loves a Nap.
I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.
Change Your Mind Everyday! April 13, 2007
Your Brain will never be the same
Reverse burnouts
Results are good
Driving danger
Get your memory back
Power Nap
power nap
Experience the power of napping

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Power up, kids.
Never before has napping been so important. Break the news to your boss, close the door, take that breathe… you are going night night.
Create something, brainstorm with your eyes closed, solve a complex problem. All the great thinkers and geniuses knew that naps made you smart.

Power Nap Video

Wendi takes power naps too! Research has proven that if you are studying and want to remember, just take a quick bit of shut eye right after a chunk of studying. During that “thumb twiddling” time, your brain is absorbing the information and saving the files.
An easy 20 minute power nap based on deep trance, time distortion and binaural beats will force your brain to have better recall, as you will be strengthening the pathway to the grey matter.
How to do it?
Glad you asked.
I am about to teach you right this very minute. Watch the video, pay very close attention.

The National Institutes of Health reports a
power nap, usually 15-30 minutes long, can reverse burnout and enhance
processing and learning. Just what you need around 2 p.m. when the bulk
of your work day is complete.
DO- put yourself into trance, relax your body deeply, stay aware of the surroundings.
DON’T- go to sleep, don’t let yourself go into an actual nap. You will only feel more tired.
DO- tell yourself how many minutes you will close your eyes.
DON’T- fall asleep, just tell your mind to keep you relaxed and aware.
DO- ask your inner mind to find a creative solution, an answer to a problem, or to create a focused and energized state when you emerge.
DON’T- direct your thoughts. Let your mind float and drift. You will open your eyes automatically at your designated time.
DO- continue to relax your body. Every muscle, every cell, every nerve… completely loose and limp.

As workers log in longer hours there is increasing interest in the revitalizing power of naps. One company in New York sells 20-minute sessions in nap pods. A recent study in Greece showed that regular naps can reduce the risk of heart attacks.
With my Power Nap technique, you don’t need a pod, just a place to get down with your bad self.

Lack of sleep may increase risk of high blood pressure and sleep deprivation can cause impairment equal to drugs and alcohol, according to researchers. Each year more than 100,000 traffic accidents are the result of drivers’ lack of sleep.
My power nap program is very popular with truckers. If they are not feeling alert, they can pull over and take a 10-20 minute power nap. This short session is much more revitalizing than a nap, due to the deep trance state and the suggestions for being alert and aware during driving.
It does not substitute for a good night’s sleep, but it is quick way to be more alert.

In a just-completed twin study at Liberty University and at Sam Houston State University, power naps were shown to improve memory in study participants while reducing participants’ perceived stress levels. And study participants reported feeling more refreshed in the morning during the nap- taking portion of the study. “Results indicate that nap-taking is an effective coping strategy for college students suffering from sleep deprivation,” said Professor Judy Sandlin, leader of the twin study. HOT Tip- After studying a segment of material, close your eyes and breathe and relax into it. Research shows that you will retain the studied information better if you stop, get tranced, and absorb it.

Get some quick sleep! Anywhere, anytime, a power nap is a great way to be more creative, solve problems, energize, and even enhance your immune system and set your body and brain into a rapid healing mode.If you really teach your brain to go into an instant trance, you can beat the burnout and be much more creative.
Great Gift from me to YOU, below.
Infused with Love of course.

Peace on Earth, in your mind and in your soul,


Wooohooo! A special gift, infused with sweet dreams, that will make your body and mind float into a bliss filled splendor.
Use the coupon code DREAM and I will include the Wake Up Sleepyhead CD at no charge.
GO get it. Goes great with the Power Nap set!

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