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April 11, 2007

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Bad Speller? Fast fix for your brain.
Get a photographic memory in minutes.
April 11, 2007
Focus up
Memory,Concentration, and Learning
Color red may lower test levels
Severe stress annihilates brain cells
Speed Read/Spell Well
Students- Teachers!
Stressing out about your exams? Can’t focus while studying? Get help. This CD set will make your brain read fast and spell well, in a flash. Extra bonus, see below.

More help for weary students
and teachers.

1. In the Moment
Stop disctractions, focus and concentrate with ease
2. Stress Release
End the stress that is hurting your brain, lower blood pressure, stop anxiety
3. No Fear
Let fears melt away, feel brave and confident in school and work
4. Memory Magic
Two sessions that will make you smarter, instantly. Focus, remember, and relax
5. Memory Magic 4CD
Memory, text anxiety, focusing and stress relief. Great combo.
6. Pocket Therapist Memory
Put these short sessions on your MP3 player, use them just before a test, or before studying
7. Wake Up Sleep Head
Wake up early, clear headed and full of energy

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Brain Massage
2. Telekenesis
3. Who Am I?Hot Deals!

1. All Blissed Out
2. Influence Pack
3. Spot a Liar/ultimate Confidence/Intuition


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Memory problems? Test Anxiety? Read Slow?
Spell like hell? Get the antidote here.

Bad Memory, Concentration, and Learning affected by stress
concentrateFeeling old and forgetful? If your stress levels are high, your memory will fail.

This study shows that older adults with low stress hormone levels tested as well as younger adults in cognitive tests: those with higher stress levels tested between 20% and 50% lower. Stress is also related to loss of sleep, and eating patterns. Read the article

Seeing Red! Red may raise student test anxiety levelsred brain 2
According to a recent study conducted by a team of U.S. and German scientists, seeing even the smallest trace of the color red before taking an exam can increase one’s level of anxiety and significantly lower test performance. Check out the full article

Your brain wants to thrive and learn, but severe stress can annihilate brain cells

Mind Controll
Rosalind Franklin University researchers have shown in a study of mice that a single episode of severe stress can be enough to kill off new nerve cells in the brain. More about stress and memory loss

Being a great speller means that you must teach your brain to take pictures and store memories as visual information. If you learned to spell using the sounds (auditory) you will struggle with spelling forever. Notice if your kids are struggling with spelling or if they are slow readers. Chances are good that they use an auditory strategy.

Change it fast.
I have seen bad spellers change in just 30 minutes. This technique on the video will make your spelling and reading a breeze.

Next, get the Speed Read-Spell Well CD set.
This program is a fast way to become a great speller, and to retain what you read.
Use the coupon below for a special dealio.

Relax, I’ve got your brain.Wendi

Get a Gift – Get the Speed Read-Spell Well CD set and I will toss in Memory Magic at no cost. Use coupon FRESH when ordering. (I will give this to you with any order this week, so just go crazy, k?)

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  1. Does the Speed Read, Spell Well! CD work with people with Dyslexia?



    Comment by JP — April 11, 2007 @ 4:29 pm | Reply

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