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April 6, 2007

It’s all about your package

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Friday, April 6
In This Issue
Do it to Yourself
Miami and London
Radio this Sunday – Live on Easter Day
Resurrect your life
2 for 1 and the Box

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Do it to yourself
Miami and London
Radio this Sunday – Live on Easter Day
Resurrect you life
2 for 1 and the Box

Do it to Yourself

Simple and pleasurable. No matter who you are and what
religious practices you choose, easter is a good time to give yourself
pleasure. (and eat marshmallow peeps)
One of the fastest ways to get the pleasure you deserve is with self hypnosis.

I’ve said it before- most people are their own worst
enemy. We beat ourselves up, remind ourselves how bad we are, dwell on our
mistakes, and just keep on reinforcing the things we are no good at.

Time for a resurrection. Reinvent your mind and spirit this
I intend to be your resurrection partner.
I also plan to do the same to my own soul.

video link

Watch the video for a super
easy self hypnosis technique. You can start saying nice things to yourself in
just a few minutes.
Next, plan on making one change in yourself this weekend.
Log it- Go here- to the comments section.
Let the world know how you are going to resurrect and reinvent yourself.

Miami and London

miami and london

Woooo hoooo!

Join me for Miami Magic. May 16-22
The IACT convention is the place to be if you are a therapist who needs to
become excellent at what you do.

I will be teaching you to be a GENIUS marketer, so you
can watch your hypnotherapy or counseling business go wild.
Also, a full day workshop on Addictions and Hypnosis. Learn how to be an expert
at this, and help people in many ways.
Great stuff that you cannot learn anywhere else.

enjoy the video
go here and use the “Convention news, watch the video”

Get the scoop on Robert Otto.
Get in on the fastest growing force in the hypnotherapy world.

Next some London Love. Jun 2, 3

A two day intensive with the APHP. I will immerse you in Hypnosis
for Addictions and make you an expert at helping people stop the struggle and
torment of many types of addictions.
Terence Watts will be giving a certificate for this course.
Go to Coming Events.

Radio this Sunday – Live on Easter Day

This show be something different than usual. I have three
guests who will be creating a live story on the air. We may also get brave and
do our special audience participation limerick creation. Trust me, it is a
lesson in creativity. We will also have a psychic Easter egg hunt.
Don’t miss it, there are rewards that will dazzle you.
Tune in!

Stream it or listen live at 650 AM in California.

Resurrect Your life

market magic

Resurrect your life

Stuck in a rut? You can unrut your life. This is where my box comes in.
I have assembled a package, which will be hereinafter referred to as “your
package” and it will be placed in my box, which will be heretofore referred
to as “my box” but when it arrives in your hands, it is all yours,
In this box, I have lovingly selected something that is just for you.
I made 30 of these “my box” gift packs and each one is slightly
So, if you place an order over $75, you will get your personal and unique box of
mine, sent right to your waiting arms.
Only 30 of them, so don’t delay.
Use Coupon UNRUT
(they are all over a $50 value, some as high as $100)
One of the “my box” specials will receive a private phone session
with me.

2 For 1 and the Box


Order anything that totals 75 bucks or more.

Use coupon UNRUT
Wait for the driver to knock on your door.

Need a massive lesson in self hypnosis?
Get both of my self-hypnosis DVDs
for the price of one. It’s love.

Then get both, self hypnosis 1 and 2

Hoppy Easter
Peace on Earth


PS- remember, I still have the all new, rockin and rolling Brain Massage. Two new versions that deal with the shape of your body. See them
here. Your brain will LOVE you for it.

PPSS- You can use the coupon UNRUT to get the gift included. You might just get
the ticket for a private phone session with me. Only 30 of these, hurry.

Save 25%
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